Where can we access
unlimited potential?

There is an interesting dynamic to my life in regards to the time and space that I’ve created to read, write, explore ideas, facilitate workshops, coach and otherwise groove on an never ending cascade of places to explore.  It leads me to want to share so much in an open dialogue of exploration and discovery.

This morning in my meditation I tapped into a place of limitless potential and I am compelled to write about it.  But holy cow, that is a big topic.  How do I write about something so large and complex and “get it all right?”  Ha!  That’s my big bugaboo, wanting to get it all correct and unimpeachable.  It is astounding how much energy and productivity that can block.  But that perhaps is another blog.

As I sat in meditation today I brought my attention to what my dear friend calls, the heart behind the heart.  Whenever I bring my awareness to the heart I feel expansion and a sweet opening.  Today when I brought my attention to this place of the heart behind the heart, I felt an altogether new sense of absolute connection to, well…. everything. Yes, everything.  A sense of the unlimited potential of evolving consciousness.  This space feels like a portal of powerful and universal connection.  It transcends the individual human heart and enters the realm of universal heart.

Where can us humans access a source of  unlimited potential?  I saw a Facebook posting the other day that spoke of our limiting beliefs getting in the way of the full potential of our minds.  I had to take issue with that.  Alright, I chose to take issue with that. Because I feel the mind is limited.  Yes, we can expand our capabilities to cognate and rationalize and even create.  The brain is pliable.  The mind is remarkably expansive.  But I don’t think that it is a vehicle for experiencing the limitless nature of consciousness.  And I’ll never be able to multiply 2,500,126 x 468 in my head and land on an accurate answer. My mind has it’s limits.  Unless I get beaned by a baseball tomorrow and wake up being able to play the piano like Motzart.  But even then, I feel the mind gives us access to limitless possibilities, but it is not the limitlessness itself.  If feels like the mind has edges or boundaries.  Not limitless.

Then there is the physical aspect of our being.  There I am undoubtedly limited.  I cannot run a 5 minute mile.  Can anyone?  Not sure.  But the point being, I am physically limited as to what I can physically accomplish. Anyone who tells me that I can do anything, I admit that I look at them with a compassionate but healthy skepticism .  Maybe that is just limited thinking

So that led me to explore the possibility of limitless emotional freedom.  Hmmmm, now we are getting close.  I’m a big proponent of letting go, letting go, letting go of attachment to any emotional state and the freedoms that this practice engenders.  Is there the potential of a limitless emotional capacity that allows full and unfettered access to all emotional states while simultaneously letting go of all attachment to any emotion I may be experiencing?  Maybe.  Again, I’m exploring here and there’s a whole lot of journey left ahead..

Still, there is a sensation that the emotional realm is limited to a range of emotional states.  And anything that has a range, has boundaries.

I then went to the heart behind the heart.  And when I let myself go there (to the degree to which I can at this stage of my meditation practice) it felt like a portal to something so very beyond all limits of the perceived self.  I felt tapped into an unlimited pool of all that is unmanifest churning with the potential of becoming manifest. Limitless. Bringing my awareness to the heart behind the heart allowed me to breathe into everything and allowed everything to breathe back through me.

So perhaps where I have landed here is that it is my spiritual being that is limitless.  Spiritual of course being a greatly charged word.  But I’ll leave the reader to sort that out.  When I transcend my mind, my physical body and even my emotions, that is where I find that I get closer to limitless potential. The heart behind the heart.  I’m sure there are other things to transcend as well.  Like time.  But I’m taking this one step at a time.

So, that’s where I’m exploring.
I share because I feel that
consciousness is expanding
through each of us and what
an exciting opportunity to have
conversations and live lives that
push the edges of imagination
and possibility.

Much of this exploration is inspired by a few recent books which I highly recommend.  These two books have completely altered my connection to my own sense of purpose and responsibility.  But that is another blog.

The books are:

The Universe is a Green Dragon by Brian Swimme.  A short, simple, clear and completely mind blowing introduction to the concept of universal consciousness knowing and evolving itself through the human experience.

Evolutionary Enlightenment by Andrew Cohen.  This book takes the concepts in Brian’s book and expands them beautifully to point to the big So What regarding our personal conscious evolution.  Andrew takes us on a journey that asks quite pointedly and poignantly what the real point is of conscious awareness and how you’re going to use your awareness to help consciousness further evolve.