To Wholeness

Awakening Your Authentic
Peace & Power

A Sedona Retreat

With Spiritual Awakening Guide

Chess Edwards

March 25-28, 2020

When you Awaken

Your Authentic Peace…


You Awaken

Your Authentic Power.

This retreat offers a return to wholeness
and a direct path back to the very heart & soul of your most essential nature.

When asked “What do you really want?” most every person I work with declares some version of  “I feel a bit lost and I just want to find the real me.”

When it gets right down to it, they recognize that there is some foundational and vital element missing from their sense of self.

They feel an emptiness or disconnect or disempowerment.  They don’t feel whole and there is a nagging sense of substantial imbalance.

This incongruity within leads to exhaustion, confusion, emptiness and anxiety and it greatly restricts our ability to play, love, create and be fully and joyfully expressed in this world.

This “missing” aspect of self is the spiritual and divine essence of your very being that is yet to be Awakened.

When we are habitually identified as the conditioned and programmed self that we’ve constructed in our mind (ego), we are blinded to our truly beautiful, powerful and essential nature.

Of course we feel incomplete and out of balance.  The core, substantial, vital and eternal aliveness of our authentic being is deeply asleep and we are left navigating life from a very small and limited self that intuitively knows that it isn’t whole and is just masquarading as ‘who we are’.

This Return to Wholeness Retreat provides a clear, conscious, meditative and direct path back to the very heart of your most essential nature.

This retreat awakens the slumbering truth of the authentic peace, power, beauty and perfection which you are, always have been and always will be.

This retreat guides you to the freedom to BE wholeheartdly YOU.

“This teaching isn’t necessarily about how to think better
or how to ‘figure out’ life.

It is about awakening
your most authentic self,
so that you may naturally navigate life
from your highest and most powerful truth.”

Your Opportunity for Transformation Awaits…

  • Do you want to be free from the limiting habits and stories of your mind?
  • Do you want to step more FULLY into the Adventure of Your Life?
  • Do your practices of self awareness and personal development feel like they can only get you so far?
  • Are you ready to be liberated from disempowering self images so that you may realize your true Strength, Grace and Passion?
  • Are you ready to embody your true power so that you may live as who you really are?

Take the leap and experience…

  • A return to your authentic and vibrant Aliveness!
  • Greater mental clarity and a calm and steady presence of BEing.
  • A remarkable stabilization of true Inner Peace.
  • An alignment with your soul’s purpose, passions and desires.
  • The ability to Love with more intimacy, honesty and courage.
  • Less drama and conflict and more joy and excitement.

    What you are seeking for….

    is where you are seeking from.

    Awaken the powerful truth
    of what you already are.

    Retreat to Sedona

    Rejuvenate Your Soul

    Rediscover Your Authentic Aliveness

    Your Journey Includes:

    • Self Realization Meditations – The guided and immersive meditations provided during this journey are powerful in both their ability to create a stable presence of inner peace and to rapidly awaken your most authentic nature.
    • Land Journeys – You will be provided with time and space within the power and magnificence of Sedona’s red rock beauty for rejuvenation, clarity and integration.
    • Stillness & Spaciousness – Time is provided for the precious commodity of stillness here at my retreat sanctuary located at the base of Thunder Mountain. You will have time in silence and peace for journaling, reflection, processing and empowering contemplation.
    • Life Optimizations Tools – Chess provides the life mastery tools that will optimize your effectiveness and presence in the world.  This ensures that you will stay in alignment with your Soul and your divine purpose after your return home.
    • Discussions & Deep Dives – This retreat is all about exploration, discovery and integration.  We will spend valuable time focusing on exactly where and how clarity, balance and peace can be more deeply integrated specifially into your own life.
    • Sacred Wisdom Teachings – Chess is a devoted student of life.  Everyday he consciously weaves into his own life the sacred wisdom teachings that are at the core of living a free and dynamically alive life. From his own direct experiences he shares these teachings with you.
    • The retreat begins at 1:00 pm on Wednesday and ends at approximately noon on Saturday.
    • Thursday – Saturday the general itinerary is 8:00 am – 5:00 pm.
    • Hotel reservations are recommended starting Tuesday evening.
    • Breakfast is provided Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  Lunch and dinner is on your own here in Sedona.

    March 25-28, 2020

    Program – $775.00

    Program + 4 nights lodging – $1,175

    Payment Plans Available.

    Chess Edwards is a Sedona based Self Realization Guide, sacred wisdom teacher & meditation coach within whom the liberating consciousness of divine love has awakened and continues to expand daily.

    Chess’ purpose and devotion is to help guide you in the awakening of your own most potent and authentic truth so that you may engage with every aspect of your life from a more clear, steady, honest & empowered presence of BEing.

    My work is to help you awaken and embody

    your true power, peace, grace and love.

    Join Chess in Sedona!

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