You Can Use a Thorn to Remove a Thorn

You Can Use a Thorn to Remove a Thorn

You Can Use a Thorn to Remove a Thorn

You can use a thorn to remove a thorn.

In a meditation of inquiry, you can use the mind as a tool to point to a revelation of Self beyond mind.

This revelation of Self is experienced as a “sense” or “essence” within and not as a conceptual idea about self that appears in the mind or intellect.

A good inquiry, asked with a deep devotion to knowing truth, has great power.

The inquiries are what wake up the True Self.
Sit and inquire…

“What is the nature of the Self that exists prior to or beyond all thoughts, beliefs and conditioning about who I am?”

“If there were not a mind generated story of self, would I still exist? And if so, what does the nature of that ‘something’ feel like?”

“What is the nature of the presence which is aware of all my transient ideas about self?”

“What is the nature of that which is eternally stable and whole and always present no matter my emotional, mental or physical state of being?”

It is not a failure if the “answers” are not immediately and clearly felt. Typically that which is first encountered with such inquiries is experienced as an emptiness or void, which can be very disconcerting. This discomfort with emptiness typically engages the mind to resolve the emptiness with thoughts and concepts. The mind is more comfortable with objects with which it can relate. It struggles with formlessness.

Any answers that the mind quickly conjures to resolve such inquiries are typically just more concepts and thoughts.

Let the mind ask the questions with devotion and curiosity and then set the mind aside so that the answers may reveal themselves in actual felt experience.

You can use a thorn to remove a thorn.

You can use the mind to point to and reveal the True Self beyond mind.

The Unification of God and Soul Within the Human Experience.

The Unification of God and Soul Within the Human Experience.

The Unification of God and Soul Within the Human Experience.

The journey and experience of awakening to divine consciousness as our larger and eternal truth is not an easy experience to describe.  Even that sentance right there will evoke within most a doggish tilt of the head and a confused “Whaaaaa?”

Truly, awakening needs to be experienced to be realized.  But, for anyone who is experiencing awakening and wants to share the experience with others, the best we can do, shy of guiding the meditative journey itself,  is to use as descriptive of words and analogies as we can to give a sense of what is happening.

And in these descriptions, we are using limited words to point to some of the ethereal dynamics at play.  It’s a bit like describing the taste of peanut butter to someone who has never eaten peanut butter.  Or describing blue to a blind person.

But, it is helpful to get a sense of this new and unfamiliar territory being navigated and to learn how we might wield our awareness and presence so that we might notice what we may otherwise miss without someone pointing us to where and how to look.  Tilt of head – “Whaaaaaaa?”

But for those of us in the journey, certain experiences reveal themselves with great clarity.  Most often within the meditative experience. Like a math equation suddenly coming into focus for one who is familiar with the language of math.

So, perhaps this will make some sense if you’re beginning to experience what opens up and reveals itself as you point your awareness beyond the mind and peer into the eternal nature and vastness of BEing.

Here’s how it revealed itself to me this morning…..

As the personal identity collapses or thins, there is a unification of Soul and God within the human experience.

The story of self that we have created as our identity is a thick veneer that blinds us to our wholeness.  It is like a layer of smog between heaven and earth that keeps the two from coming into divine union.  When that layer is purified or collapsed, God can be in clear communication with the soul and the soul can once again know the love of God.

This unification is the natural wholeness that we are and that is calling to be realized.

This is the inherent yearning that moves within us and prods us to wake up beyond the dream of self that keeps us from knowing our true divinity.

This collapsing of the personal identity that allows the unification of Soul and God destroys the illusion of separation and brings into the human experience deep peace, unconditional love and a profound equanimity of presence.

The temporary and finite person is merely a vehicle of consciousness where the divine and eternal dance of God and Soul may be fully realized, lived and celebrated.

The confluence of God and Soul is the confluence of unconditional love (God) and divine purpose (Soul).  It is the confluence unwavering stillness and divine passion.  It is the confluence of infinite silence and pure desire.

Within, there is our aliveness, our vitality, our drive, our passion and our purpose.  This is the pure soul realized.

Feeling outward into the expanded consciousness there is unwavering grace, pure silence and stillness, and the purity of unconditional love.

When the temporary story of self is collapsed, the infinite love converges with the eternal passion. 

This is when life becomes most full, alive, rich and vast.

Your Soul is a Temple of Grace

Your Soul is a Temple of Grace

Your Soul is a Temple of Grace

When you step into the courtyard of a temple or a beautiful sanctuary, you are transformed. A great peace descends upon you.

You cross a threshold from the mundane into the sacred.

You enter a place of intentional and conscious presence, love, peace and devotion.

And in that short crossing of a threshold your entire world is, if even for just a few moments, transformed.

When you step into the temple and majesty of nature, a vast grace sweeps through you & washes away your worldly concerns.

We go to the temple of nature to return to God, to surrender to grace, to commune with love.

The same is true when you rest in the stillness of your own heart, through which you may step into the embrace of your own divinity.

Your own soul is the temple, the sanctuary and the nature of infinite peace, love and grace.

It’s so close, so immediately available, so unwaveringly present.

But we must choose to enter our own sacred truth. We must seek out those who may help us make that short yet epic journey into our own grace.  Most pass right by that entrance to their own sanctuary. They are seeking what is within, but they seek outside of themselves.

It is often a matter of simply turning away from the noise of the mind’s perceptions and turning instead toward the stillness. It is a matter of choosing in what direction you place your next step, and then the next.

The temple of infinite love is always only a step, a breath, a choice away.

We need only to turn gently within the stillness to meet ourself, the true self that is patiently waiting and always holding open the invitation for us to enter our divine grace.

The “Me” of The Mind & The True Self

The “Me” of The Mind & The True Self

The “Me” of The Mind & The True Self

The mind needs a self, an identity, a “me”.

If we don’t awaken the true consciousness of Self, the mind will continue to cobble together a self out of thoughts, beliefs, stories, interpretations, assessments, judgements, opinions and perceptions.

This “me” of the mind will never stabilize. All creations of mind are subject to endless questioning, endless reassessment, re-creation and subtle or not so subtle thoughts of ‘not yet good enough’.

When we are disconnected from our divine truth and identified as a self separate from Source, we will innately feel “not enough”.

If we don’t realize and awaken our true eternal BEing, the mind will never let go of the only self it knows. It needs a sense of “me” and it doesn’t care if it is a fiction of its own making. The mind has no allegiance to truth. It has allegiance only to its own creations.

The absolute and true nature of our BEing is always present and so beautifully close. It can’t not be, it is the truth of us.

It is simply a matter of shining the light of awareness upon it with consistent devotion, faith and love. Meditation – the opportunity to gather our awareness and point it with gentle intention to the truth of BEing.

In each meditation you may wake up a bit from the dream of you, only to fall back asleep into the dream. Meditate again and wake up a bit more. Then walk out into the world and fall back asleep. Wake up, fall back asleep. Wake up. Fall asleep.

Wake up from the dream of you and realize the remarkable truth of you consistently enough and at some point, you stay awake. You may then find it harder to fall back asleep than to stay awake.

Why would you want to stay in a limited and unstable dream of self when the truth of you is so infinitely vast, stable and beautiful?

This is the invitation meditative inquiry – To point awareness beyond the dreamed self again and again and again and encounter the imperishable and infinite Self that is awakened beyond the dream.

GRACE – An Essential Component of Success

GRACE – An Essential Component of Success

GRACE – An Essential Component of Success

Are we all not looking to live this precious life with a bit more grace?

In my work, a significant aspect of the invitation is to live with more grace.

Yet for many men, the idea of being more grace-full, implies a sense of being weak or effeminate. It can feel like grace would slow down or inhibit getting s#*t done.

Grace is often not recognized as an essential component of success.

And yet…..

Is an accomplished chef not graceful in their sensitive blending of flavors, colors and textures?

Is an accomplished architect not graceful in their ability to feel deeply into a space?

Is a great leader not graceful in the compassionate and nuanced dance of relationships and emotional dynamics?

The most successful downhill ski racer is the one who can most effectively harness their raw power into a seamless flow of grace.

Grace comprises sensitivity, compassion, surrender, presence, a delicate touch and the ability to feel deeply.

Fear tends to dissipate grace. Those who live in fear tend to strike out and bluntly dominate adversaries and projects rather than call forth the grace to move beyond just winning and embrace the more nuanced dance of unified evolution.

There is grace in true power. There is true power in grace.

Lasting success requires grace. Growth and evolution requires grace. To be truly effective and efficient requires grace. To live with courage and a true spirit of adventure requires grace.

To love deeply requires grace. To grieve thoroughly requires grace. To live wholeheartedly requires grace.

Where might the power of grace, presence, softening, listening, surrender, compassion, love and a gentle touch bring more success into your life?