Mostly There is This

Mostly There is This

Desert SilenceEach sound spills over and melts into….. Silence.

The same silence from which it was born.

The vast quiet absorbs all discord.
Silence cannot be vanquished.
Subdued for a moment, it simply bides its time
and then swallows the most deafening clamor with infinite grace.

In the presence of silence
the smallest bird’s wisp of a call
is equal
to the most thunderous and cataclysmic horror of destruction.
Both ultimately fade into the same forever
peace and quiet. (more…)



Don’t turn away


in the fire that burns your already peeling skin


on the path crowded by brambles that tear at your old hide


in the flood that rips at all you cling to


standing in the fierce wind that abrades the tiredness within


in the purifying element of pain

that a lifetime of habit has denied you


in the death that has been lifetimes in arrival


in the place

that begs for you to blame

and resist the need to blame

that pleads for you to make others wrong

and resist making others wrong

that is willing to deny love

and crawl back to an old version of you

that is already an ill-fitting skin

that no longer serves

and no longer believes

what you still cling to believing

and do not waiver and crawl


Hero Forest