Awakening to Truth is an Awakening From Fear

Awakening to Truth is an Awakening From Fear

Awakening to Truth is an Awakening From Fear

Waking From the Dream of i

“Once awakened from the dream of separation, the awakened soul can once again celebrate its most divine dance with God.”

Our fears and anxieties are the imaginings of the dreamed self that feels itself separate from the one divine consciousness.

When we awaken the unified Soul Self beyond that dreamed separate self, the construct of the dream crumbles and all the conditioning that was built within the dream falls away with it.

When you’re dreaming at night and in the dream you’re being chased by a tiger, it seems very real and you experience fear within the dream.

When you awaken in the morning into an “awake” consciousness, the dream fades away.  And with it, the fears , anxieties, confusions and other emotional states that were a part of the dream, fade away as well.

The same is true as we awaken from the dreamed or constructed self that we have created in our mind.  It seems so real.  But when we awaken to the truth of our soul and the love that moves through our soul, the constructed and conditioned dream of self fades away.  And with it goes the fears, anxieties, confusions, doubts, and emotional wounds that belong only to that dreamed self.

Your fears and anxieties are not authentic to your imperishable soul.  They belong only to the self you have dreamed into being in your own mind.

Within the stillness and presence of meditation, we can point our awareness to, and thus awaken, the true and eternal Self.  With the true Self awakened, we no longer need to continue dreaming a self into being.

Let go of you and discover the True You.

Let go of you and discover the True You.

Let go of you and discover the True You.

This video is from Satsang, April 28, 2019, a day after my 58th birthday. The aliveness of peace and surrender was flowing with such abundance.

This Satsang is primarily about surrender.

It is about surrendering all our ideas of self… Completely.  So that we may discover the imperishable self that can never truly be lost.

This faith of surrender is one of the hardest things you’ll ever do.

And yet it offers one of the greatest freedoms you will ever know.

Typically there is a panic that can accompany this depth of surrender.  But not to worry.  You won’t lose the true self. You cannot lose what you truly are. You can only discover a deeper truth of you.

Like throwing wheat into the air and letting the wind carry away the chaff…

Throw all thoughts and images and concepts of you up into the air and let all that is not truly you be carried away.

Your soul will remain.

Welcome home.


Emptying the Self to Know Ourself

Emptying the Self to Know Ourself



Emptying ourselves of all thoughts, beliefs, ideas, conclusions and positions is a powerful meditative practice.

Within that practice we can feel more deeply into our true nature, past the illusion of form and ego focused identity.

We put it all down. We empty ourselves entirely.

Moving beyond all that noise, we may then find clearer access to our true and eternal state of being.

But then the awareness presents itself that we DO have a human form and identity and ego. We DO have beliefs, conclusions and positions.

The practice of emptying ourselves completely within a meditative practice is not meant to have us navigate a world of form without an embodiment of our thoughts, beliefs and ego identity.

The practice of emptying completely simply allows us to come back into a more conscious and balanced relationship with our ego identity

Connecting More Deeply with Life Beyond the Self

Connecting More Deeply with Life Beyond the Self



Everything we do that brings us the most pleasure in life has some element of forgetting about our “self” for awhile.

Dancing, listening to music, reading a good book, painting, meditation…..

We become so immersed in the experience and sensation of the playful and creative moment that the mind is distracted.

It forgets to be concerned about the self. It forgets the oh so serious business of ensuring that the self stays safe, relevant and important.

It is in those moments of forgetfulness and abandon that we feel most free and alive and whole. Connecting far more deeply with the people and the world around us is easier in those moments of forgetting about ourself.

The real issue is that when we’re too inwardly focused on maintaining our own image and the illusory construct of identity, then we aren’t bringing our attention fully to the beauty and opportunity of life unfolding around us.

Strengthening Self Trust

Strengthening Self Trust



Foundational to a life of grace, joy and spiritual growth is the strengthening of our ability to trust.

Not trust that everything happens for a reason, or trust that people are inherently good, or trust that everything will turn out alright. But just…


No modifiers or conditions.  Not attaching any beliefs to the trust.  Not trusting specifically in this or that.

Just pure surrender to resting in absolute trust.

To surrender into stillness and the quieting of the mind where we’re not busy managing or figuring out of our life, takes a tremendous amount of trust.

This is one of the most valuable aspects of quieting the mind and ceasing our controlling nature for a time.

When Part of Our Life Falls Apart

When Part of Our Life Falls Apart


When a significant and foundational part of our life falls apart or starts to come apart at the seams we resist.

And that makes sense.  We feel extremely vulnerable when the parts of our lives that we’ve worked so hard to build fall apart.

But often those parts of our lives were put in place by an old version of ourselves; a version of ourselves that we no longer are.

When old constructs built by old versions of self come apart, there are opportunities to rebuild from a more aware and conscious perspective.

If you are growing and evolving, there are parts of life that need to shatter and fall apart to accommodate your more expansive and authentic nature.