Caring for ourselves
should be a joy,
not a burden.
What we’re often missing
is the right motivation.

It can be difficult to maintain our practices of self care.  Our motivation to consciously tend to the quality of our lives can wane and there can be more ebb than flow.  We can become disconnected from the passion that inspires us to stay spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically healthy.

What is it that keeps our inner spark alive?

What is it that keeps our engines revved, in tune and fully engaged on a more consistent basis?  And what is that ultimate motivation that helps us move courageously forward, no matter what challenges or difficulties we may encounter?

It’s actually two things, which perfectly support each other in a wonderful loop of inspiration.

I was asked recently how it is that I don’t get angry about much of anything these days.  And indeed I have increasingly found myself free of the emotional disturbances that used to wrap up my energy and attention.  I’ve been feeling quite liberated by an increased ability to let go of petty emotional dramas like anger, self pity, victimization, shame, blame and other distractions to which I can attach overblown importance. The word that comes closest to describing this state of being, is equanimity.

So, when asked how I’ve come to this place of almost habitual equanimity, the first answer that came to me was “Practice.”  I have been practicing that which I desire to have more of in life. I have been practicing compassion, forgiveness, unity, empathy and love.  I meditate on these things.  I bring my attention to them consciously and regularly and now habitually. I practice being the man that I wish to be with focused attention in a way that is re-wiring my brain and breaking old habits.  And now the states of being that I achieve in my meditations are spilling out into my “waking” world without much effort or attention.  These two worlds of stillness and action are simply integrating more seamlessly.  Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase, “How you do anything is how you do everything.”  My practices can’t help but influence every aspect of my life.

However, while practice is a central component of developing these emotional skills, there is something much more foundational at play here.  So, what really keeps me on task in my personal & spiritual development and what compels me to commit to my practices? What’s the ingredient that activates and inspires practice?


My practices of self care
are founded and fortified
in an indomitable burning
passion to fulfill my
life’s purpose.

After years and years of some aimless and predominately question filled wandering, it has come down to one pivotal and powerful word – Purpose.  This is the ultimate connection point to all that keeps us moving forward through challenges, difficulties, confusions and uncertainties.  Life purpose is the big WHY, the sweet carrot of possibility as opposed to the crack of the whip of shoulds and guilt.

All of my precious practices and most well meaning intentions are ultimately quite fragile and subject to a pernicious entropy if they are not rooted in a strong and vital foundation of compelling purpose.

Purpose kicks the crap out of inertia and drives positive and exciting action.

Aligning ourselves with
a compelling life purpose
is the most critical component
to ensuring that our commitments
to our practices for self care,
well being and personal excellence
is a journey of joy rather than
a burdensome endeavor.

When we are aligned with a compelling life purpose and are focused on what is really and truly important, we drop the trivial and enervating emotional dramas that distracts us from that purpose.  Without a sense of purpose there is an emptiness to life that is all too easy filled with emotional addictions that falsely give life a sense of importance and meaning.

Our resonant life purpose is the pivotal north star that helps us determine which behavioral choices allow us to fulfill our purpose and which behaviors and attitudes distract or derail us from manifesting the life we’re meant to lead.

My Purpose

Ultimately we all must find our own purpose that impels us to align with healthy, empowering and positive choices that create thriving lives that are truly worth celebrating.

But I will share mine just to give some context to this perspective. In short, my purpose is to be of service to the evolution of consciousness through helping others find, express and celebrate their most authentic voice.  I believe that just like everything else, consciousness is evolving and growing.  I am dedicated to doing anything and everything I can to ensure that this evolution of consciousness moves in the most healthy, loving, creative and enlivening directions possible.  And I believe that when people live their own life purpose with enthusiasm and courage, the entire planet benefits.

So, given that directive and sense of purpose, is it any wonder that I choose to not get wrapped up in petty and small-hearted dramas?  These drama traps dissipate my energy for being of service.  Of course I still get caught in these dramas from time to time, but my practices help me to now recognize the distraction for what it is and move beyond them more quickly.

How it works. Quite Simply Actually!

Today I didn’t want to go for my run.  It doesn’t matter the reason why, I just didn’t. You know what I’m talking about.  But I ran anyway.  Why?  Because when I consciously re-connected with my core purpose and my vision, I was inspired.  And I know with all my heart that I can’t fully manifest and maintain that vision and purpose if I do not take care of myself.

I can only fulfill my purpose of supporting the best in others if I am in good spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health myself. Each of those states is connected to the others.  They are foundations.  If I let one erode, it ultimately impacts the others. 

So, it is our compelling purpose that inspires our practices.  And our practices produce the environment of health and wellness that best support our compelling vision – and ‘round and ‘round it goes.

So, check in with yourself. Are you exceptionally clear about, and solidly connected to, a compelling life purpose that energizes your practices of self care and presence?  If so, it might be a good time to re-commit to, and re-align with, this precious gift.  If not, then perhaps it is time to do some vital exploration to see just what it is that gives your life a more deep and abiding sense of, well…. purpose.

If you need some guidance and support – Contact Me.
I’m dedicated to helping you thrive while living an abundant, beautiful and purposeful life.
That is after all – my purpose!