Developing self confidence with the aim of stabilizing our inner sense of peace, is a flawed strategy
A more powerful and enduring endeavor is to focus our attention on self realization – discovering the Truth of who we really are. A byproduct of knowing our true infinite nature is confidence.
While it is certainly healthy and helpful to believe in yourself, a deeper exploration reveals that the “self” in which one endeavors to believe doesn’t actually exist, except as a collection of thoughts and beliefs. Thoughts and beliefs are ephemeral, they come and go, they are transient.
What we’re really after isn’t really confidence, it is TRUST. We are looking for something in which we can trust. Looking to the conditioned and mind constructed self as a stable place to put our trust is an inherently unstable strategy.

What we are looking for is an eternal truth into which we can surrender, let go and simply BE. This feeling of angst that spurs a search for confidence is the nagging feeling of our soul desiring to be free of the illusion of self and reunited with the truth of our eternal nature.
To work on self confidence while neglecting the explorations into the true core nature of our being only prolongs our suffering. Go straight to what truly brings peace – Realizing your Truth.
What we find when we stop trying to bolster the illusion of self and we begin to inquire honestly into the true nature of who we really are, before all thought and all constructs of self, is not a “thing”. We find the pure, infinite and eternal “IS-ness” of the life force that breaths us all into existence. And there, we find a sweet and abiding trust.
When we surrender the illusion of a self that needs to control and manipulate the world to generate and maintain a feeling of confidence, we find a natural, infinite and unshakable TRUST.
Ultimately the invitation here is not to strengthen your belief in your image of self, but to know and embody the eternal truth of who you truly are beyond the illusion of self. Within that knowing one discovers their already present, natural and unshakeable confidence and one gains access to a universe of possibilities.