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Your Powerful Living
Toolkit includes…

1) Guided Meditations
You will receive a link to access a collection of guided meditations designed for beginners or intermediates to begin or deepen your meditation and self realization practices.

2) Wheel of Life Balance Awareness
This comprehensive self assessment tool
will help you determine what parts of your life may need
more conscious and deliberate attention and action
in order to create the more balanced and fulfilling life you desire.

3) Emotional Vocabulary Builder
This chart of emotionally descriptive words will give you the power of emotional fluency that helps you articulate, to yourself and others, a much more clear and accurate picture of what you are feeling.

4) Acid / Alkalinity Food Chart
This information-packed chart shows which foods are
the most acid and the most alkaline in all the different food groups.
Stay Healthy – Stay Alkaline!!