GRACE – An Essential Component of Success

by | Jun 6, 2019 | 0 comments

Are we all not looking to live this precious life with a bit more grace?

In my work, a significant aspect of the invitation is to live with more grace.

Yet for many men, the idea of being more grace-full, implies a sense of being weak or effeminate. It can feel like grace would slow down or inhibit getting s#*t done.

Grace is often not recognized as an essential component of success.

And yet…..

Is an accomplished chef not graceful in their sensitive blending of flavors, colors and textures?

Is an accomplished architect not graceful in their ability to feel deeply into a space?

Is a great leader not graceful in the compassionate and nuanced dance of relationships and emotional dynamics?

The most successful downhill ski racer is the one who can most effectively harness their raw power into a seamless flow of grace.

Grace comprises sensitivity, compassion, surrender, presence, a delicate touch and the ability to feel deeply.

Fear tends to dissipate grace. Those who live in fear tend to strike out and bluntly dominate adversaries and projects rather than call forth the grace to move beyond just winning and embrace the more nuanced dance of unified evolution.

There is grace in true power. There is true power in grace.

Lasting success requires grace. Growth and evolution requires grace. To be truly effective and efficient requires grace. To live with courage and a true spirit of adventure requires grace.

To love deeply requires grace. To grieve thoroughly requires grace. To live wholeheartedly requires grace.

Where might the power of grace, presence, softening, listening, surrender, compassion, love and a gentle touch bring more success into your life?