My Gift To You ... Guided Meditation Collection

My Gift To You ... Guided Meditation Collection

“Every meditation is
an intentional interruption
of the habits of mind.”

~ Chess Edwards

Meditation offers the opportunity to gather our awareness and point it with gentle intention to the deepest and most peaceful truth of our BEing.

For many, sitting for 15-30 minutes in meditation is a challenge. Guided meditation makes it easier to deepen and stay with your meditative experience.

To guide you in this deeply powerful practice, I’ve recorded a collection of 13 guided meditations – more than 4 hours in total. Each 15-30 minute meditation has been designed with a specific intention.

Browse through the full description of each meditation at the bottom of this page.

Meditations for Dropping
Out of The Noisy Mind
and Into the Stillness of Being

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Your Guided Meditation Collection Will Include…

The Powerful Truth of You – 25:00

This powerful Self Inquiry practice guides you to access your core essence of being that exists beyond, or prior to, all your conditioned thoughts about self.

Embark on a journey back to the profound and eternal truth of who you already are and always have been.

“When you awaken to your authentic peace, you awaken to your authentic power.”

Note: This meditation is based on ‘The Invitation’ taught by Mooji but with additional insight and guidance.

There is Always Peace – 15:00

This meditation helps connect you to the deep and profound peace that resides within you. It helps you navigate the waves and tumult of life by establishing a strong and resonant connection to the ocean of stillness, stability and simplicity that is always available to us whenever we choose to access it.

Floating Surrender – 20:40

This meditation imbues the peace and freedom that comes when we surrender ourselves to love, forgiveness and compassion. Let go and allow yourself to float in a sea of love while being cleansed by the breath of forgiveness and bathed in the warmth of compassion.

Totem of True Nature Meditation – 20:00

This meditation awakens within you central and powerful aspects of your true nature that are often dormant or not fully realized and embodied. When awakened and embodied, these aspects of your true nature serve to enhance all areas of life.

Body Awareness Meditation – 10:15

The body awareness meditation is a simple yet powerful meditation that provides an easy technique for dropping down out of the busy mind and into the still body. This simple meditation is useful for beginning meditators or those who have a practice but are looking for an easy way to drop down out of the monkey mind.

Three Bells Meditation – 12:10

The Three Bells Meditation is a simple meditation meant to deliver you into a deeper state of presence. This meditation is good for anyone relatively new to meditation. But good for seasoned meditators too.

Three Bells Meditation (No Intro) – 11:24

This is the same meditation as the one above, but without the instructional piece at the beginning. Once you’ve learned how to use the Three Bells Meditation, you can use this meditation without the instructional intro.

Elemental Breathing Meditation (With Intro) – 18:50

This is a powerful meditation to bring you into a deeper “feeling” of connection with all life. All different manifestations of nature have an essence to them which we can find resonance with in our own body and our own emotional awareness. For example, an oak tree has certain properties of strength and solidity that we can recognize within ourselves. We can recognize these qualities because we all come from the same life force. When we take a moment to consciously “connect” with and breathe in this essence of lets say, oak tree, we activate an enliven within us those same characteristics of strength and solidity.

Elemental Breathing Meditation (No Intro) – 17:30

Same as above, but without the explanatory introduction.

Chakra Meditation – 28:05

This guided meditation will introduce you to the 7 chakras and guide you through the activation and expansion of each chakra with it’s related mantra, color and empowering component. This meditation will open a clear, balanced and empowered flow of energy throughout the body.

  • Root Chakra – Color = Red, Meditation = I Am
  • Sacral Chakra – Color = Orange, Meditation = I Feel
  • Solar Plexus Chakra – Color = Yellow, Meditation = I Do
  • Heart Chakra – Color = Green, Meditation = I Love
  • Throat Chakra – Color = Blue, Meditation = I Speak
  • Third Eye/Brow Chakra – Color = Indigo, Meditation = I See
  • Crown Chakra – Color = Violet, Meditation = I Understand

Chakra Meditation (No Instructions) – 28:05

Once you have moved through the chakra meditations above a few times, this meditation is the same, but without the instructions delivered before the movement through the chakras.

Shared Breath Meditation (Meadow) – 17:55

Shared Breath Meditation (Monastery) – 17:10

The Shared Breath Meditations will help to create a deep feeling of peace and connection with life. These are empowering meditations that instill a deeper sense of unity and oneness with all humanity. They are also beneficial for those who experience feelings of aloneness, isolation or separation.

Relationship Connection – 16:53

The Relationship Connection Meditation assists in creating a deeper connection to those in our lives with whom we wish to feel more at peace. For this meditation, you will want to have someone in mind with whom you wish to feel more connected or someone for whom you have some concern about their well-being and you wish to see them at peace.