The Heart & Soul

of Conscious Living

A Weekly Online Class

Discourse, Meditations, Practices & Teachings for embodying your most peaceful and resilient nature of BEing.

Learn the art of consciously living with increased grace, peace, power and presence.

This weekly online gathering offers conscious discourse, meditations, practices, perspectives and teachings that support living a peaceful and awakened life. These teachings and meditations activate our most authentic, powerful and resilient nature of being.

These gatherings are called ‘Satsang’ (sôt-song) and are offered online via Zoom from Chess’ Sedona Sanctuary.

Satsang is simply a supportive space held for spiritual discourse and meditative connection with our most authentic & resilient nature of BEing.

To live this precious life with grace, peace, strength, courage and a stable presence of love is a real art. And like mastering any art form, we learn, mature and grow through regular study and practice.

We have each been given the most precious and sacred blessing to live a conscious and creatively purposeful life. But this wild life is complicated and challenging. Each of us is managing a complex and dynamic play between our emotional body, mental body, physical body and spiritual body.

Additionally, how we feel about ourselves is greatly influenced by our upbringing, our conditioning, programming and traumas. We are shaped by our culture, media, communities and a string of personal, professional and intimate relationships. And in trying to get that “soup of self” to come together, stabilize and behave in a somewhat graceful and artful way, most people are just winging it! That’s crazy.

When we want to learn anything of great value and importance that we believe will make this precious life more rich and joyful, we find teachers. We study and we commit ourselves to learning, and maybe even mastering, the art of our devotion.

Please, come join this weekly online class for guidance, insights, inspirations, tools, mediations, practices and fresh perspectives that support your journey of mastering the art of conscious and awakened living.

These classes are offered through Eventbrite on a Sliding Scale Donation basis.

$5.00 Minimum Donation
$10.00 Event Supporter (Recommended)
$15+ Benefactor

To attend a class, a reservation will need to be made prior to the start of the class.



Sundays – 9:00 AM Pacific Time.

Please check this link to ensure that a class is happening the week you would like to attend.

These Live Video Events are presented through Zoom.

For the best participation and engagement, I recommend that you download Zoom and install it on your computer rather than attend the class on your mobile phone.

You can download Zoom here
for a very easy install.