Desert SilenceEach sound spills over and melts into….. Silence.

The same silence from which it was born.

The vast quiet absorbs all discord.
Silence cannot be vanquished.
Subdued for a moment, it simply bides its time
and then swallows the most deafening clamor with infinite grace.

In the presence of silence
the smallest bird’s wisp of a call
is equal
to the most thunderous and cataclysmic horror of destruction.
Both ultimately fade into the same forever
peace and quiet.

Desert SunriseThere is far more silence in this world than not.
It’s hard to believe, but there is.
It’s just that when we arrive at the silent places, it often ceases to be so quiet.

The clamor in our own heads deafens us to the peace that is there
as our thoughts try to apprehend and comprehend the silence.

But really, there is far more peace and quiet than not.Out there
and, if you allow it,
in here.
Even now,
all around
and within, waiting
and then equably consuming every utterance that isn’t it.

Meditate not on the sound or thought that interrupts,
but be still in that from which all sound and thought are born and ultimately return.
On that vast and viscous silence into which all noise becomes equally

Meditate on the forever silence even amidst a clamorous discord.
That is a meditation of faith,
of sensing far beyond the immediate condition
as all is ultimately equalized
by the vast peace and perfection.

Desert night skyBring your attention not to the mire and the madness,but instead to the spacious stillness into which all madness ultimately dissipates
as nothing more than the faintest whisper
of a moth’s wingbeat
in the depth of a desert night.