I awoke this morning feeling quite “normal.”

The day presented as nothing special, just another day to move through and get a lot of things done.

I made my coffee, put out the wild bird food for the parade of feathered friends in the yard, put on some sweet gentle music and picked up my journal.

As I wrote, my mind was already out ahead of the moment. I was already scanning the day and life in general for all the ways that I might make life “better.” I was feeling uninspired. Again, just another day to move through and get shit done.

So, I put the journal aside and just sat. The only intention was to DO nothing. To stop. To just BE. Not to try to find peace or recite a mantra or go searching for my true nature. Just to cease all DOing.

After a short sit where truly nothing got done, I picked up my journal again and wrote what had come alive within me.

“Oh my God. Life is such a beautiful gift.”
“And I am a radiant expression and celebration of life.”
“We all are such beautiful expressions and celebrations of life.”
“This Aliveness is within me always.”

What is clear is that the only thing that ever gets in the way of me knowing (deeply knowing) the truth of the precious nature of life, are the distracting thoughts of my mind.


This mind that was programmed early in life with some really poor data about what is and isn’t real.
This mind that learned quite well how to fear unreasonably.

This mind that has, over a lifetime, believed a stupefyingly long list of disempowering and limiting beliefs.

Why would I not endeavor every day to guide my attention and awareness beyond this mind’s ceaseless hustle and bustle; To travel to where I encounter, quite reliably now, the empowering and enlivening truths that are always present and patiently waiting – beyond the mind?

Why would I want to keep experiencing this precious life through the filter of such a noisy and unreasonable mind that can so blind me to life’s true magnificence and beauty?

Life is such a beautiful gift. I know that throughout my entire being.

This liberated state of being arises from within the simple practice of asking the mind, even for just a short period of time, to DO NOTHING.

Nothing. Not to fix or figure. Not to scheme or decipher. Not to understand or control. Not to seek or search for anything within the stillness. Just to stop and rest and let life be.

When the mind quiets all DOing, its incessant stories start to drop away and truth once again arises where I know and see the beauty of life clearly again.

Life is such a beautiful and precious gift.

Beautiful is the new normal.