Emerging from meditation, he says,

“My god what was that, that I felt inside? 

It was so strong, beautiful & alive.”

I smiled,
“That was you.
The real you.”

Chess Edwards


A Return
To Wholeness

A Sedona Retreat

October 2020

True Self
Embodiment Training

A Sedona Retreat

September 2020

One on One
Spiritual Counseling

These One-on-One Spiritual Counseling sessions combine the transformative power of spiritual guidance with the pragmatism of optimal living coaching.

In these video, phone or in person sessions, we explore every aspect of your personal and professional life through the perspective of your highest spiritual wisdom and truth.

The balance of skills as both a spiritual awakening guide and as an optimal living coach provides a powerful combination that radically and rapidly transforms your life.

Create Your Own
Sedona Retreat

Some of the most transformational work I love to do happens during private retreats which are spread out over a period of consecutive days.

Together we customize your experience to create the perfect retreat that matches your desires, your needs and your budget.

This life-transforming experience is available for singles, couples or small groups of friends.

Visiting Sedona?
Schedule Time
With Chess

Already have plans to visit Sedona? 

Book your private sessions with me while you’re here.

I offer 3 core opportunities to do some powerful and transformative work together:

Invite Chess
to Your Event
or Community

Chess’ presentations have been applauded as a closing speaker, keynote or the kick off for major conferences and events.

Do you have a conference or event that is devoted to health and well being? Invite Chess to speak at your event.

Want to share the transformational and awakening opportunities of these teachings with your friends, family and community…?

It is a true joy to travel to different parts of the country and the world to share this powerful work within communities.

“Through powerful meditations of self inquiry,
we gain the clarity and confidence to be fully and authentically expressed.”

Client Results

“Chess is a gifted and intuitive guide who helps me shift out of limited thinking and into big possibilities where I’m able to live closer to my desires and my truth. His true dedication to my progress makes our sessions a welcome challenge whil... Read More
Betsy ~ Producer and Project Manager
“It’s amazing how much your life can change in an hour. I entered my life coaching session with a sense of openness, yet an awareness that having a dream doesn’t make it come true. Chess was a great listener who was able to capture the essence ... Read More
Bobbie ~ Psychotherapist, Professor & Yoga Teacher
“Working with Chess has been tremendously helpful in moving forward at a very difficult time in my life. His guidance, humor, understanding and peaceful countenance make opening up into the complicated aspects of life so easy. He listens withou... Read More
Charlotte ~ Engineer Extraordinaire
“Hi Chess, I wanted to let you know I have been very committed to my practice, all that you recommended in just that one powerful session has been tremendously helpful and effective.”
Isaiah ~ Fitness and Performance Coach
“My time with Chess in Sedona was extremely empowering. I came away from the retreat with a profound connection to my deepest and truest nature. I encourage anyone who wants to transform their lives through expanded consciousness to book a private... Read More
Bill ~ Entreprenuer
“Chess’ light has helped illuminate a clear and exciting path for my life.I am now moving away from the dark (habitual illusion of self) and into the light (powerful awareness of my true nature). Chess has really helped me open to the wi... Read More
Grant ~ Leadership Consultant
“I am constantly amazed at the resources you so spontaneously bring to the coaching sessions… Thank you SO much! It is always an uplifting pleasure to have conversations with you. You are very good at what you do.”
Kathleen ~ Financial Planner
“In my session with Chess…he was able to hold a powerful presence while gently guiding me on a deep meditation. I had a profound experience & now utilize what I learned from Chess in my own daily practice. I highly recommend Chess for an... Read More
Jonathan ~ Multidimensional Sound Healer
“My work with Chess has blown me away while it has simultaneously blown open all sorts of possibilities in my life Chess get’s right to the heart of the matter so that we get the most use of our time together. When I try to keep things “safe”... Read More
Richard ~ Professional Speaker
“After my sessions with Chess I felt an incredible peace and clarity which I haven’t felt in a long time, if ever. Chess guided me beautifully in how to inquire deeply into my true nature and awaken to my true essence of pure love.”
Alexandra ~ Healer and Intuitive