Our Narratives Lead Us Away from Truth

by | May 2, 2018

I beg your indulgence to share a morning revelation…

Our narratives lead us away from truth.

I was presented this morning with various challenging story lines through a rapid series of received phone calls and emails.

Disappointing circumstances. Surprising circumstances. Overwhelming circumstances. Threatening circumstances.

I gave each one its own narrative. One narrative led down the path of anger / fear. Another down the path of resentment. Another down the path of lack. One more down the path of blame.

The further I rode each narrative, the further away I got from truth.

Sitting in my meditation, my mind was swimming in justification, blame, control, fixing, fighting.

My mind was swimming in mind.

What if I stopped? What if I stopped the narrative? What if I stopped manipulating for outcome with my stories?

What if I asked, what is true? Not about the situation, but what is eternally true?

What if I returned to the knowing that life is not about applying self generated narratives to fix and control each life condition?

What if I remembered that life isn’t about following these small streams of narrative that attach to circumstances and branch off from the river of truth, ultimately leading nowhere and drying up in the desert far from source – where I am left standing alone, empty, lost, confused and thirsty for love and presence?

The Inquiry that starts me traveling back home – What is life really about? What is the precious opportunity of this blessed life?

To be a clear vessel of The Divine.

To meet life and all circumstances as The Divine.

To be a pure conduit of eternal truth and not a story teller of my own created temporary streams of thought.

The Divine cannot flow through my narrative, my story, my noise.

I sat in meditation and through inquiry, returned to the river of truth, the river of love, the river of acceptance, the river of ISness.  Source.

Returned to truth, I turned and faced again each circumstance without creating a stream of narrative.

Without story or made up meaning, only the phenomenon was there to be worked with and met.

I met each one without moving from truth, from love. And everything changed. I was not lured down these false streams of anger, resentment, blame, etc…

I remained as eternal love meeting transitory condition.

The circumstances did not come with anger or resentment. I brought those through my narratives. I interjected resentment and believed my own interjections and followed them away from truth. And all along the way, I was justifying the journey that I myself had chosen to take.

Justification is a good indication that we’re straying from truth.

Now I’m returned home. Steadfast. Grounded. Whole. At Peace. Present with Love.

Reminded again of the power of meeting all life conditions as the forever abundant River of Truth.

Our eternal and imperishable truth holds space for our temporary pain. Like a loving parent holding space for a child’s pain as it heals and releases so that the child may return to a life of play.

Presence allows The Divine to See itself or Know itself free from the noise of mind’s narratives.

There is only consciousness. One consciousness. One Love