the voice said in this morning’s meditation.
“To live as the TRUTH of who you really are….
you must SURRENDER EVERYTHING that you have come to BELIEVE you are.
No more clinging to an old constructed identity, hoping that your full Radiant Truth can live hand in hand with an ego that CLINGS to illusions.
Do you want LIBERATION?
For True Nature to step fully forward and take the predominant role as your ABIDING and honest expression of self, the ego must SURRENDER completely.

Truth cannot stand FREE and CLEAR, FULLY REALIZED and FULLY EMBODIED until you LET GO of ALL images of self, ALL conditioning, ALL stories of the past.
The ego must DIE. It must die so that it may be reborn to take its rightful place in service to your Divine Nature, your True Being, your Full Brilliance.
There is no longer room here for the ego that resists and bargains and refuses to let go of it’s old role as lead negotiator.
To live FREE is to absolutely ACCEPT what you are and absolutely LET GO of what you are not.
This is the choice that you have with every breath and in every waking moment of this precious life.
And no matter how you choose, you are UNCONDITIONALLY LOVED.
Truth is infinitely patient”