When planning my day…..
It is important that I’m asking the right question.

I find that when looking at where I want to guide my attention, energy and actions for the day, I sometimes allow myself to be guided by the wrong question and it gets me into trouble.

“What do I love?”
is a very different question than
“What do I think will be successful?”

 “What do I love?” is a question of the heart that brings me back home to my center, my truth, my purpose, my passion and my strength. It’s a question that prompts answers that open me, empower me, excite me and fulfill me.

“What do I think will be successful?” is a question from my ego that prompts me to chase work that I can do and can do well, but isn’t the true work of my heart and soul. It is a question based in fear rather than love. It is a question that I’m asking society to answer rather than a question that I’m asking my own heart to answer.

And when I move out of alignment with my heart, there is a constriction, an angst, a pushing and a resistance that isn’t in alignment with the flow state of my natural ground of being.

When I ask “What do I love?” I return over and over and over again to the truth of who I am and the enduring truth of my soul’s purpose. This is the most fulfilling success that I know; The success of trusting what has always been true and has always been there within, patiently and steadfastly calling to me from just beyond the all the noise and illusion of a society that is still learning how to love.

Trusting the answers to “What Do I Love?” is the real success that I’ve been looking for all along.