by | Apr 22, 2020

The awakened self is Infinite Stillness – witnessing with unwavering equanimity and grace the finite and ceaseless creations and movements of mind.
All movements of mind (chasing desires, retreating from fears, clinging to comfort) appear and disappear, come and go, arise and pass, within the stillness of consciousness.
We are that stillness of consciousness experiencing the movements and distractions of mind.
It is natural that that which moves will seem much more interesting or captivating than the eternal stillness within which it moves.
But that’s only when we are not yet familiar or comfortable with the infinite richness and peace of stillness.
Our attentions are endlessly turned toward the world of form and movement and thus turned away from the infinite and formless stillness of unconditional loving awareness.
To be free of the captivations and reactive dictates of mind, patiently become more curious about the unwavering presence and peace of stillness until it becomes more familiar and trustworthy than the ceaseless movements and distractions of the mind.
Resting AS Stillness, we are free to play with all the creations of the mind.