When the conditioned and limited ego interprets our every experience – This is central to much confusion and suffering.

The purpose of the mind/body/ego is to serve as a tool of perception for our higher consciousness (the true self) to experience the sensations of life.  Our formless higher consciousness self needs the embodied form of self to experience this human life.

Unfortunately most of us are not only perceiving life with all the senses of the mind/body/ego, but we are then letting our limited mind and fragile ego interpret all that it perceives. 

This gets us into a lot of trouble. What a maddening way to live – filtering our experiences through a collection of disempowering and limited beliefs developed mostly in childhood.

In an awakened state we let our experiences pass through the ego body and mind just as they are, uninterpreted and untainted or modified by stories and beliefs based on a lifetime of conditioning.

“What is – Is what is happening just before we have a thought about it.” – Adyashanti

This is the sate of SURRENDER, where the ego surrenders it’s role as the interpreter of our experiences to our higher consciousness. 

Our true nature, our authentic unconditioned and infinite self can then receive the experience in its purity (just as it is). Our highest nature tends to respond to experiences very differently than the ego body. It tends to respond with infinite curiosity, compassion, love and wholehearted acceptance; All ways of responding that are mostly quite frightening to the ego body who’s misguided role is thought to be to protect, defend and maintain an image of self that is purely illusion.

Fun isn’t it? When we let our human form simply be the perceiver of life and our True Loving Nature be the interpreter and responder, all suffering drops away.

Not all sadness, heartache or even pain drops away. But the stories that turn the sadness, heartache and pain into suffering no longer come into play.