Let go of you and discover the True You.

Let go of you and discover the True You.

This video is from Satsang, April 28, 2019, a day after my 58th birthday. The aliveness of peace and surrender was flowing with such abundance.

This Satsang is primarily about surrender.

It is about surrendering all our ideas of self… Completely.  So that we may discover the imperishable self that can never truly be lost.

This faith of surrender is one of the hardest things you’ll ever do.

And yet it offers one of the greatest freedoms you will ever know.

Typically there is a panic that can accompany this depth of surrender.  But not to worry.  You won’t lose the true self. You cannot lose what you truly are. You can only discover a deeper truth of you.

Like throwing wheat into the air and letting the wind carry away the chaff…

Throw all thoughts and images and concepts of you up into the air and let all that is not truly you be carried away.

Your soul will remain.

Welcome home.


Our Narratives Lead Us Away from Truth

Our Narratives Lead Us Away from Truth

I beg your indulgence to share a morning revelation…

Our narratives lead us away from truth.

I was presented this morning with various challenging story lines through a rapid series of received phone calls and emails.

Disappointing circumstances. Surprising circumstances. Overwhelming circumstances. Threatening circumstances.

I gave each one its own narrative. One narrative led down the path of anger / fear. Another down the path of resentment. Another down the path of lack. One more down the path of blame.

The further I rode each narrative, the further away I got from truth.

Sitting in my meditation, my mind was swimming in justification, blame, control, fixing, fighting.

My mind was swimming in mind.

What if I stopped? What if I stopped the narrative? What if I stopped manipulating for outcome with my stories?

What if I asked, what is true? Not about the situation, but what is eternally true?

What if I returned to the knowing that life is not about applying self generated narratives to fix and control each life condition? (more…)


I sometimes use the word “suffering” to describe the human condition that can result from being over identified with the ego-mind. I often speak about transcending the human suffering or being liberated from our suffering.

For some that is too strong a word and they can’t relate. They don’t feel that an experience as strongly described as “suffering” is present in their life. Perhaps the suffering has become so normalized within the human condition that it no longer seems like suffering.

For me, “suffering” is synonymous with stuck, trapped, confined, unnecessarily limited, held down and other such conditions that inhibit living in full and vibrant expression of True Self.

But if “suffering” doesn’t quite resonate perhaps there’s another related condition that might. I would wager that for most there is some resonance with a sense of Struggle.

In a typical life there is often some degree of emotional, mental or spiritual struggle that would love to find some resolution. It is the mind that struggles. The struggle of the mind may manifest as a sensation within the body. But the genesis of the feeling is the struggle of the mind.


A Portal to Unlimited Potential


Where can we access
unlimited potential?

There is an interesting dynamic to my life in regards to the time and space that I’ve created to read, write, explore ideas, facilitate workshops, coach and otherwise groove on an never ending cascade of places to explore.  It leads me to want to share so much in an open dialogue of exploration and discovery.

This morning in my meditation I tapped into a place of limitless potential and I am compelled to write about it.  But holy cow, that is a big topic.  How do I write about something so large and complex and “get it all right?”  Ha!  That’s my big bugaboo, wanting to get it all correct and unimpeachable.  It is astounding how much energy and productivity that can block.  But that perhaps is another blog.

As I sat in meditation today I brought my attention to what my dear friend calls, the heart behind the heart.  Whenever I bring my awareness to the heart I feel expansion and a sweet opening.  Today when I brought my attention to this place of the heart behind the heart, I felt an altogether new sense of absolute connection to, well…. everything. Yes, everything.  A sense of the unlimited potential of evolving consciousness.  This space feels like a portal of powerful and universal connection.  It transcends the individual human heart and enters the realm of universal heart.