A Portal to Unlimited Potential


Where can we access
unlimited potential?

There is an interesting dynamic to my life in regards to the time and space that I’ve created to read, write, explore ideas, facilitate workshops, coach and otherwise groove on an never ending cascade of places to explore.  It leads me to want to share so much in an open dialogue of exploration and discovery.

This morning in my meditation I tapped into a place of limitless potential and I am compelled to write about it.  But holy cow, that is a big topic.  How do I write about something so large and complex and “get it all right?”  Ha!  That’s my big bugaboo, wanting to get it all correct and unimpeachable.  It is astounding how much energy and productivity that can block.  But that perhaps is another blog.

As I sat in meditation today I brought my attention to what my dear friend calls, the heart behind the heart.  Whenever I bring my awareness to the heart I feel expansion and a sweet opening.  Today when I brought my attention to this place of the heart behind the heart, I felt an altogether new sense of absolute connection to, well…. everything. Yes, everything.  A sense of the unlimited potential of evolving consciousness.  This space feels like a portal of powerful and universal connection.  It transcends the individual human heart and enters the realm of universal heart.