Let go of you and discover the True You.

Let go of you and discover the True You.

Let go of you and discover the True You.

This video is from Satsang, April 28, 2019, a day after my 58th birthday. The aliveness of peace and surrender was flowing with such abundance.

This Satsang is primarily about surrender.

It is about surrendering all our ideas of self… Completely.  So that we may discover the imperishable self that can never truly be lost.

This faith of surrender is one of the hardest things you’ll ever do.

And yet it offers one of the greatest freedoms you will ever know.

Typically there is a panic that can accompany this depth of surrender.  But not to worry.  You won’t lose the true self. You cannot lose what you truly are. You can only discover a deeper truth of you.

Like throwing wheat into the air and letting the wind carry away the chaff…

Throw all thoughts and images and concepts of you up into the air and let all that is not truly you be carried away.

Your soul will remain.

Welcome home.


Going Dark to Be the Light – Dark Room Retreat

Going Dark to Be the Light – Dark Room Retreat

10 Days in a Dark Room.


On May 20th, after a week in meditative retreat with one of my wisest teachers here in the states, I will be heading down to Guatemala and entering into a 10 day Dark Room Retreat.

When I mention this to people, I often hear, “Excuse me, you’ll be doing what?”

And then two main questions arise.

The 1st question is usually, “So, just what is a Dark Room Retreat?  It can’t be what it sounds like.”

Actually, it is.  10 days, 24 hrs a day in a room that is totally, can’t see your hand in front of your face, dark!

Dark Room Retreat, Hermitage Retreat, Lake Atitlan Guatemala

This particular “room” is built into the side of a mountain at The Hermitage Retreat Center on Lake Atitlan in Guatemala and is imbued with a beautifully grounding energy.

There is a hot shower, toilet, sink, bed and meditation platform.

There is also a double-doored food box lets in no light and through which is delivered 2 healthy vegetarian meals a day.

When I first enter the room I will have a candle lit so that I can orient myself to the space.  And when I am ready…… Poof, I will blow out the candle and not emerge back out into the light for 10 days.

I will be alone.  There will be no entertainment, internet, reading, writing or sound, other than perhaps some bird calls from outside and occasional thunder from the storms this time of year.

Basically there is nobody there but me and nowhere to go and nothing to do except be still and present and listen – within, or as I tend to feel into it, Beyond.

This leads to the 2nd typical question, which is: (more…)