Your Soul is a Temple of Grace

Your Soul is a Temple of Grace

Your Soul is a Temple of Grace

When you step into the courtyard of a temple or a beautiful sanctuary, you are transformed. A great peace descends upon you.

You cross a threshold from the mundane into the sacred.

You enter a place of intentional and conscious presence, love, peace and devotion.

And in that short crossing of a threshold your entire world is, if even for just a few moments, transformed.

When you step into the temple and majesty of nature, a vast grace sweeps through you & washes away your worldly concerns.

We go to the temple of nature to return to God, to surrender to grace, to commune with love.

The same is true when you rest in the stillness of your own heart, through which you may step into the embrace of your own divinity.

Your own soul is the temple, the sanctuary and the nature of infinite peace, love and grace.

It’s so close, so immediately available, so unwaveringly present.

But we must choose to enter our own sacred truth. We must seek out those who may help us make that short yet epic journey into our own grace.  Most pass right by that entrance to their own sanctuary. They are seeking what is within, but they seek outside of themselves.

It is often a matter of simply turning away from the noise of the mind’s perceptions and turning instead toward the stillness. It is a matter of choosing in what direction you place your next step, and then the next.

The temple of infinite love is always only a step, a breath, a choice away.

We need only to turn gently within the stillness to meet ourself, the true self that is patiently waiting and always holding open the invitation for us to enter our divine grace.

This Mind is Not To Be Trusted

This Mind is Not To Be Trusted

Making decisions solely with this wildly imaginative story making mind, that has proven itself over and over again to be quite adept at making up all manner of irrational sh*t, is not a satisfying way to navigate life.

This is the same mind that once believed that I had to be perfect to be worthy of love.

This is the same mind that once believed that I could find love that would be free of heartbreak.

This is the same mind that once believed that if I made all the right choices, I could live a life free of difficulty.

Basically I no longer rely on my thoughts and beliefs outright. They are secondary, at best, to guide me in my “knowing” of life.