Two Truths

Two Truths

Two Truths

These days there are really only 2 truths that guide me in navigating life.

And in abiding these 2 core guiding principles, life is so much more graceful, beautiful and alive than I’ve ever known it before.

1) I am not this conditioned and habituated ego (mind constructed self) that reacts, mostly from a sense of fear or a belief in lack. I am not the restless mind that is constantly trying to GET what it thinks it lacks, trying to AVOID what it thinks can destroy it, or trying to CLING to what it likes.

2) The truth of my Being is that I am the eternal, infinite and unchanging AWARENESS within which all that is temporary comes and goes, arises and passes, is born and dies. Thoughts come and go. Beliefs come and go. Conditions come and go. Emotions come and go. All form comes and goes. EVERYTHING is passing within, and perceived by, the unchanging Awareness of Being.

That’s it. End of story.

I really don’t see much that these truths don’t address.

Our Narratives Lead Us Away from Truth

Our Narratives Lead Us Away from Truth

Our Narratives Lead Us Away from Truth

I beg your indulgence to share a morning revelation…

Our narratives lead us away from truth.

I was presented this morning with various challenging story lines through a rapid series of received phone calls and emails.

Disappointing circumstances. Surprising circumstances. Overwhelming circumstances. Threatening circumstances.

I gave each one its own narrative. One narrative led down the path of anger / fear. Another down the path of resentment. Another down the path of lack. One more down the path of blame.

The further I rode each narrative, the further away I got from truth.

Sitting in my meditation, my mind was swimming in justification, blame, control, fixing, fighting.

My mind was swimming in mind.

What if I stopped? What if I stopped the narrative? What if I stopped manipulating for outcome with my stories?

What if I asked, what is true? Not about the situation, but what is eternally true?

What if I returned to the knowing that life is not about applying self generated narratives to fix and control each life condition? (more…)

This Mind is Not To Be Trusted

This Mind is Not To Be Trusted

Making decisions solely with this wildly imaginative story making mind, that has proven itself over and over again to be quite adept at making up all manner of irrational sh*t, is not a satisfying way to navigate life.

This is the same mind that once believed that I had to be perfect to be worthy of love.

This is the same mind that once believed that I could find love that would be free of heartbreak.

This is the same mind that once believed that if I made all the right choices, I could live a life free of difficulty.

Basically I no longer rely on my thoughts and beliefs outright. They are secondary, at best, to guide me in my “knowing” of life.