Kerri Testimonial

“I am so grateful that I was guided to Chess and can assure you that any time spent with him will change your life in some of the most profound and incredible ways. After just a few short hours of working with him I already had shifted my perspective on so many things

Chess has a way of helping you see things clearly while creating a safe and gentle space for you to open up and dig deep to help you learn so much more about who you truly are.

The environment he creates for the spiritual retreat is indescribable and I truly cannot recommend it more. I look forward to our sessions each week and cannot recommend working with him enough!”

~ Intuitive Coach & Energy Healer
Charlotte Kelly Testimonial

“Working with Chess has been tremendously helpful in moving forward at a very difficult time in my life.

His guidance, humor, understanding and peaceful countenance make opening up into the complicated aspects of life so easy.

He listens without judgement and offers clear and powerful guidance for creating more peace and clarity in your life in a way that works specifically for you.

I was sad when our time in the retreat ended, but also excited to move forward with the revelations he helped me to achieve and with the tools he provided for maintaining this incredible peace and embodying my true self with consistency.

I  highly recommend giving yourself the gift of working with Chess!”

~ Engineer Extraordinaire
Bobbie Testimonial

“It’s amazing how much your life can change in an hour. I entered my life coaching session with a sense of openness, yet an awareness that having a dream doesn’t make it come true. Chess was a great listener who was able to capture the essence of my thoughts and emotions and steer them in a meaningful direction.

He engaged in the coaching session with creative techniques that helped me hear and translate my authentic voice into achievable steps and embark on a path to reach my goals. If you are planning a coaching session with Chess, prepare to stir up your soul’s desire and be ready to move towards the change you want!”

~ Psychotherapist, Professor & Yoga Teacher
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