“Be generous & prolific in your own self care and acts of courage.
Those who your heroic choices inspire today, might well be your own inspiration tomorrow.”

The communities in which we live and work are the communities that we help build, create and evolve through our own actions and deeds. If we choose actions and behaviors which are inspiring, healthy and courageous then those qualities will be reflected in the world around us.

Choose wisely and you will find yourself surrounded by healthy, courageous and inspired people who will be there when you need them most. It is a self sustaining and self promulgating course of positive action that inspires more positive action.

“The world around us is
nothing more and nothing less
than a reflection of what we have
become from within.
We must become the very things
that we choose to experience in life.”
~ Gregg Braden – The Science of Miracles.

To truly be of service to our communities, it is important to consider not only how we act toward others, how we communicate and even what we think, but to what degree we take care of ourselves and make healthy lifestyle choices. Whether it be our work communities or those of our friends and family, it is important that we contribute to them mightily and consciously because it is within our communities that we do the vast majority of our living, loving, dreaming, creating and evolving.

 How we act toward ourselves
is as important as
how we act toward others.
Self care is a powerfully selfless act.

In our various roles as a leaders, parents, siblings, sons, daughters, friends, co-workers, etc… we make a tremendous difference when we make healthy life affirming choices that are reflected in our daily practices, commitments and regimens.

Those close to us are paying attention and when they witness us making heroic and challenging choices and commitments, they do reflect upon their own choices.

Your courage of self care is a gift for others.

It doesn’t matter our job title, perceived role or position of influence within the community. The difference between teacher, leader or student is not a matter of status, it is a matter of timing. From one moment to the next, you shift from one to the other. Be prolific and gracious in the sharing of your passions and gifts no matter what your status. Those who your heroic choices inspire today, might well be your own inspiration tomorrow.

A real life example of how my own life choices recently circled back around and saved my butt just when I needed them most.

About a month ago I started to wander from my optimal health regimen. I began exercising less, my meal portions started steadily increasing, my alcohol intake inched its way upward. Bottom line, I found myself far afield from the healthy lifestyle that I have long enjoyed and that I coach and advocate for others.

Then my best friend, business partner and fellow adventurer, Jeff Salz returned from a week of insanely focused healthy living at the Optimal Health Institute near San Diego, California. When he returned from this haven of health and well being, he called to fill me in on his experience. After 10 minutes of speaking with him and hearing about his major strides in optimizing and regaining control over his own health and dietary choices, I was mightily inspired to get back to my own best practices of vibrant living.

Now I’m back to a very gratifying exercise program, happily eating with my eyes wide open to the health benefits of proper diet and I’ve gladly walked away from all alcohol for a month to reset my base.

Here’s the kicker. Not more than six months ago, Jeff and I were living exact opposite roles. His health was spiraling out of control and I had never felt better and more in balance in my life.

Jeff confessed that it was my inspirational lifestyle that played a large part in him reaching out to get control of his own health. He had watched my health become a focus of my everyday routines and commitments and he watched my work and personal relationships bloom as they never had before due to my clarity of mind, body and spirit.

And thank goodness he was paying attention, because when I lost my way (as we all do!) I needed him to be there for me. And he was, simply through his actions of courageous self care. Its a wonderful loop of support.

Living at our highest potential
is a constant process of remembering
– then forgetting – then remembering again…

The idea is to lengthen the time we spend remembering the value of self care and gracefully and compassionately shift back from the forgetting when we lose our way. And one of the best sources of remembering is those within our community that we ourselves may have inspired.

Today Jeff and I are both flying high and making healthy choices. I know that we both inspire each other and those within the community that we help to create. I don’t know what tomorrow may bring; what struggles, challenges or roadblocks I may come up against. But I know that the choices I make in each moment along the way create a powerful loop of reciprocal support. And I know that I am inspired every day, several times a day, by those within my community whose actions and deeds are those of self care, vibrant health, service to others and a courageous commitment to creating a better world.

It has become abundantly clear to me that….

The quality and character of the world in which I wish to live, love, create and explore is truly up to me to create through my own actions!

What about you?
What action can you take today that is going to shape the world you will inhabit tomorrow?

Who is watching you and just what do they see? It only takes one step to put it all into motion. Make your very next action one of passion, inspiration and courageous self care and then watch it all go ’round and ’round.