True Self

A Conscious Retreat
of Liberation and Love


With two of Sedona’s foremost
Spiritual Awakening Guides

Chess Edwards
Daniel Posney

November 6-9, 2019

Move beyond
what keeps you from living fully in your authentic aliveness.


Come home
to the powerful truth
of who you really are.

When a concept or teaching is embodied,
it moves from being merely understood
to being fully and beautifully lived. 

An opportunity of a lifetime awaits…

  • Are you wanting to move beyond the past and experience more happiness, peace, abundance, love and inspired aliveness?
  • Do you feel stuck in a life that no longer serves you?
  • Do your practices of self awareness and personal development feel like they can only get you so far?
  • Are you ready to be free of old ways of being so that you can take your life to the next level?
  • Are you ready to embody your true power so that you may live as who you really are?

Take the leap and experience…

  • Transformative increases in
    • Confidence
    • Mental and Emotional Clarity
    • Inner Peace
    • Embodied Equanimity and Presence
  • Less Drama and More Grace!
  • Soul Purpose Discovery and Alignment
  • The powerful integration of your whole and vital BEing.
  • The awakening and embodiment of Love and Unity Consciousness

Embodiment is a vibrant and effortless living
of your most divine truth.

Retreat to Sedona

Release Your Blocks & Burdens

Rediscover Your Truth & Aliveness

Rejuvenate Your Soul

Your Journey Includes:

  • Self Realization Meditations – The guided and immersive meditations provided during this journey are powerful in both their ability to create a stable presence of inner peace and to rapidly awaken your most authentic nature.
  • Land Journeys – You will be provided with time and space within the power and magnificence of Sedona’s red rock beauty for rejuvenation, clarity and integration.
  • Breathwork –  Through focused, intensive breathing techniques you are guided into states of profound self-realization, expanded consciousness and deep peace.
  • Sound Healing – Utilizing musical instruments, toning and soothing vibration you will experience deep serenity, expanded vision, cellular recalibration and healing.
  • Stillness & Spaciousness – We provide time for the precious commodity of stillness here at our retreat sanctuary located at the base of Thunder Mountain. You will have time in silence and peace for journaling, reflection, processing and relaxing contemplation.
  • Life Optimizations Tools – Daniel and Chess provide the life mastery tools that will optimize your effectiveness and presence in the world.  This ensures that you will stay in alignment with your Soul and your divine purpose after your return home.
  • Discussions & Deep Dives – This retreat is all about exploration, discovery and integration.  We will spend valuable time helping you clarify exactly where and how clarity, balance and peace can be more deeply integreated specifially into your own life.
  • Sacred Wisdom Teachings – Chess and Daniel are devoted students of life.  Everyday they consciously weave into their own lives the sacred wisdom teachings that are at the core of living a free and dynamically alive life. From their own direct experiences they share these teaching with you.

November 6-9, 2019

Program – $897.00

Program + 3 nights lodging – $1,197

Payment Plans Available.

Chess Edwards is a Sedona based Self Actualization Guide, sacred wisdom teacher & meditation coach within whom the liberating consciousness of divine love has awakened and continues to expand daily.

Chess’ purpose and devotion is to help guide you in the awakening of your own most potent and authentic truth so that you may engage with every aspect of your life from a more clear, steady, honest & empowered presence of BEing.

We are all here to continue our journey home.

To discover and embody
the beauty of our truth
and the power of our grace.

This is the nature
of our work & our love.

Daniel Posney is a recognized healer, guide and teacher who provides life transformation, energetic and shamanic healing, intuitive guidance, initiation into higher consciousness and soul activation. Daniel uses a host of skills including breathwork and vibration & sound healing to help cause shifts in perspective, the opening of higher consciousness and spiritual awakening.

His presence, radiant light and compassion assists in promoting profound healing, moving out of stagnation and into empowerment, inner transformation and full living.

Join Us in Sedona!

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