You Are Infinite Stillness Experiencing the Movement of Self

by | Apr 18, 2020

The personal “i” can never come fully to rest IN the stillness of consciousness.
That position maintains a primary i-dentification with a personal you that constantly moves in and out of rest and maintains that there is a separate stillness of unmoving consciousness that is other than you.
We can only be truly at rest in the awakening AS the vast stillness of consciousness within which a personal story of self is constantly moving.
This is awakening.
I AM is the vast stillness of consciousness/awareness within which all personal modulations of that consciousness come and go.
Everything personal that follows I AM is transient, moving, limited and not ever truly at rest.
We are (everything is) the limitless stillness and presence of consciousness modulated into a temporary experience of limitation.
We are the infinite experiencing a finite modulation.
Both the personal experience (modulation) and the One Consciousness are present AND not separate. Nothing exists outside of consciousness.
We are not either, or.
We are Yes, And….
The invitation is to become more interested in the stillness than with the modulations.