Your Inner Peace

Your Authentic Power

Your Conscious Life

Foundations For Peaceful, Powerful and Conscious Living

Do You Want…?

  • To Quiet Your Mind & Know True Inner Peace
  • To Awaken Your Heart & Feel More Powerfully Alive
  • To Experience More Clarity, Confidence & Authentic Joy

Are You Ready…?

  • To Finally Be Free of Your Mental & Emotional Limitations.
  • To Get Out of Your Own Way & Live in Your Full Potential
  • To Embark on a Path of True Empowerment & Liberation

“When You Awaken
Your Authentic Peace…

You Awaken
Your Authentic Power”


Chess has guided thousands of people from all walks of life to discover their true freedom, peace, power and joy.

Within this remarkably liberating work, you can transcend your old limiting beliefs, habits and behavioral patterns as you awaken into your full brilliance and aliveness!

Discover your True & Essential Self – liberated, whole, resilient and at peace.

Find the authentic love, intimacy and connection you’re seeking.

These are the transformational opportunities within this work.

“Every Meditation
the Habits
of Your Mind.”

Work With Chess


Create a Private Retreat

This life-transforming experience is available
for singles, couples or small groups of friends.

A Return to Wholeness Retreat

March 2021 - Sedona, AZ

Reveal Your Light | Release Your Shadow | Transform Your Life


One on One Spiritual Counseling

Combine the transformative power of spiritual guidance with the pragmatism of optimal living coaching

Traveling to Sedona?

Schedule a Private Session with Chess. Three core opportunities to do some powerful and transformative work together.

Awakened Living Weekly Online Class

Uplevel your consciousness and learn the art of living with increased grace, peace, power and presence.

Invite Chess to Your Event

Do you have a conference or event that is devoted to health and well being? Invite Chess to speak at your event.

Chess Edwards

is a Sedona based meditation teacher and self realization guide within whom the liberating consciousness of divine love has awakened and continues to reveal itself daily.

Chess will help guide you in the awakening of your own most potent authenticity so that you may engage with every aspect of your life from a more clear, steady, powerful and heartful presence of BEing.

“After a lifetime of dedicated personal development, this past decade has been deeply devoted to my spiritual development and awakening.

More accurately, I’ve been devoted to the study and embodiment of the full potential inherent in this precious human-spiritual experience.

Today my purpose and devotion is to help you free yourself from the troubles and limitations of your egoic identity so that you may fully self-realize in the power, peace and presence of your Truest Self.

My absolute joy is to help awaken, reveal and empower the full dimensionality of your highest truth & potential.”

“My passion is to guide you
to your true inner peace,
where you may listen to the calling
of your own soul.”

Chess Edwards

Client Results

“I am constantly amazed at the resources you so spontaneously bring to the coaching sessions… Thank you SO much! It is always an uplifting pleasure to have conversations with you. You are very good at what you do.”
Kathleen ~ Financial Planner
“I am in a state of euphoria this morning, like I’m on top the world (or a Sedona mountain!!!) Thank you for using your gifts to guide me so beautifully on my journey.”
Barbie ~ Student Bright Future Advisor
“Chess is a gifted guide who stands at the threshold and holds the door wide open for you. His approach is based on true authenticity; which pulls to the surface the stuff you need to see in a loving and safe way. My experience with Chess is a... Read More
Stephanie ~ Home Stylist
“Chess, you have come to my rescue multiple times both on a personal and professional level over the years. You have provided me with the guidance and tools needed to help me through my transformations in life and coach me down my new path. I am s... Read More
Pate ~ Account Executive
“Working with Chess helped me move from being stuck in work and in life, to living a life that is full of meaning, direction and joy. Chess helps me follow my true calling and shows me how to bring the work I love into my everyday life. The op... Read More
Rochelle ~ Healing Trauma Through Nature Therapist
“Chess’ light has helped illuminate a clear and exciting path for my life.I am now moving away from the dark (habitual illusion of self) and into the light (powerful awareness of my true nature). Chess has really helped me open to the wi... Read More
Grant ~ Leadership Consultant
“Chess has a way of artfully examining where I’m not stepping into my full potential while simultaneously inspiring me to be a better, healthier and more courageous man. I always come away from one of our sessions with a clear idea of what action... Read More
Robert ~ Real Estate Genius
“My work with Chess has blown me away while it has simultaneously blown open all sorts of possibilities in my life Chess get’s right to the heart of the matter so that we get the most use of our time together. When I try to keep things “safe”... Read More
Richard ~ Professional Speaker
“Chess is a portal to Knowing for my whole being.Each time we talk I am reminded of the highest of Truths. I leave every conversation empowered from a place of love and strengthened with a much quieter mind.”
Benita ~ Radical Love Life Coach
“My time with Chess in Sedona was extremely empowering. I came away from the retreat with a profound connection to my deepest and truest nature. I encourage anyone who wants to transform their lives through expanded consciousness to book a private... Read More
Bill ~ Entreprenuer


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