Awake ~ Aware ~ Alive ~ Free

Awaken To The Powerful Truth
Of Who You Really Are.

Become Fully Aware
Of All That Gets In Your Way
Of Living That Truth.

Experience The Aliveness
Of Absolute Freedom.

It’s Time!

Celebrate the Adventure
Of Your Life!

Breakthroughs in Personal Healing,
Soul Awakening & Evolutionary Growth.
  • Quiet Your Mind & Awaken Your Heart.
  • Feel More Powerfully Alive.
  • Experience More Clarity, Confidence & Authentic Joy.
  • Experience Greater Freedom From Mental & Emotional Limitations.
  • Embark on a Path of True Empowerment & Liberation.

“When You Awaken
Your Authentic Peace…

You Awaken
Your Authentic Power”

Chess Edwards


Chess Edwards has guided thousands of people from all walks of life
to discover their true freedom, peace, power and joy.

Within this remarkably liberating and empowering work, you can heal & transcend old limiting beliefs and behavioral patterns as you awaken into your full brilliance and authentic aliveness!

Realize Your Truth

Work With Chess

One on One – Healing & Awakening Sessions

This integrative work combines the transformative power of Spiritual Awakening with the liberating processes of Emotional Healing.

Traveling to Sedona? – Book Your Transformational Session

Schedule a private session with Chess and within hours, dramatically shift your relationship with yourself, with others and with the world.

Invite Chess to Present at Your Event

Do you have a conference or event that is devoted to health and consciousness? Invite Chess to speak at your event.

Retreats & Rejuvenation

Create Your Own Private
Ultimate Freedom Immersion Retreat

This multi-day immersive and life-transforming experience is perfect for singles, couples or a small group of friends.

Foundations of Peace & Freedom Group Retreat

October 2021 – Sedona, AZ

Awaken Your Truth  •  Heal Your Past
•  Transform Your Life

Chess Edwards

is a Sedona based Self Realization Guide within whom the liberating consciousness of divine love has awakened and continues to expand itself daily.

Chess will help guide you in the awakening of your own most potent authenticity so that you may engage with every aspect of your life from a more clear, steady, powerful and heartful presence of BEing.

“After a lifetime of dedicated personal development, this past decade has been thoroughly devoted to spiritual development and awakening.

More accurately, I’ve been devoted to the study, practice and embodiment of the full potential inherent in this precious human-spiritual experience.

Today my purpose and devotion is to help you free yourself from the troubles and limitations of your past so that you may awaken fully in the power, peace and presence of your Truest Self.

My absolute joy is to help you learn The Art of Wholehearted Living so that you may live free as the highest and most authentic expression of YOU.”

“My passion is to help guide you to your true inner peace,
where you may listen to the calling of your own soul.”

Chess Edwards


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