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Awaken Your Full Potential

Living Beyond The Noise is Chess' Signature Course! 

Imagine how liberating it would feel to get completely out of your own way, so that you could meet every moment of life with deep inner peace, rock solid confidence and a genuinely courageous heart.

Beyond The Noise is a unique and comprehensive online program that guides the spiritual awakening and transformative personal growth necessary to live a life of true freedom and genuine happiness.

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Super Charge Your Meditation Practice

This immersive study course is for those who want to awaken their full spiritual power and unlock their highest potential.

A lot of people are frustrated with their meditation practice because they never really learned what makes for an empowering, nourishing, rewarding and joyful practice.

The Empowered Meditation Course makes it easy for you to fall in love with your meditation practice, so that you can fall deeper in love with yourself.

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In Person Opportunities

Live Your Best Life

1:1 Healing, Awakening & Empowerment Sessions and Retreats

This deeply integrative one-on-one work combines the transformative power of Spiritual Awakening with the liberating processes of Emotional Healing.

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Break Through Limiting Patterns

Integrative Breathwork Journeys

Breathwork is one of the most powerful and transformative modalities I know.

My breathwork sessions have a deep and lasting impact because they are held within a larger context of awakening to the fundamental dynamics of your complete human/spiritual experience.

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