Realize Your Divine Truth.

Step Into Your Ultimate Freedom.

Celebrate the Adventure
of Your Life!

Realize Your
Divine Truth.

Step Into Your Ultimate Freedom.

Celebrate the AdventureĀ of
Your Life!

Chess Edwards is a Freedom and Awakening Guide whose celebrated work has helped thousands of people from all walks of life to discover their true freedom, peace, power and authentic aliveness.

Chess guides you in the art of meditative and conscious self inquiry which awakens your most authentic and powerful truth so that you may quiet your mind, open your heart and know the true inner peace and freedom that allows you to fully celebrate this adventure of life.

With over 40 years experience guiding people into stronger, deeper and more vibrant relationships with themselves, their work and the world they live in, Chess Edwards is your guide for awakening your most powerful truth and vitality.

A champion of the human spirit, Chess is devoted to helping his clients and students step powerfully into their full potential as they learn to trust and embody their innate perfection and brilliance.




“I have explored many of the
great wonders of the world…

Yet I have never known
an adventure as wondrous
as this deep exploration
into the full dimensionality
of my human-spiritual being.”

Chess Edwards


My Journey

“I am an adventurer at heart. As long as I can remember, I’ve always explored the edges of life and have been naturally inspired to guide others to explore their edges as well.

I’ve lived inspiring successes.  I’ve suffered humbling defeats.  I’ve known the courage to leap and I’ve experienced the debilitating weight of doubts and fears that have stopped me in my tracks.

But I’ve always been devoted to a path of personal & spiritual evolution and truth.

This past decade’s devotion to spiritual awakening has now led to a rapid collapse of the small and restrictive personal identification. This falling away of the false self has revealed the boundless and imperishable nature of true BEing that exists beyond all limiting stories of self.

Each day brings new insights, awarenesses and opportunities to discover more of who I really am and how I can live with more truth, grace, love and courage.  This beautiful and powerful awakening is possible for us all.

So no matter where you are on your journey, I’m likely to understand the nature and impetus of your seeking and how you can learn to most gracefully live a life of purpose, love, meaning and adventure.”

Client Results


“Come to rest in your stillness.

 Discover who you really are
beyond the limiting stories
of your mind.” 

Chess Edwards