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Breathwork Sessions

Chess Edwards' Breathwork Journey Sessions are celebrated for their transformative power and life-changing integrative impact.

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"Come to rest in the stillness…
Until you come to know yourself
as the stillness."

~ Adyashanti

“My time with Chess was extremely empowering. I came away from the retreat with a profound connection to my deepest and truest nature.

I encourage anyone who wants to transform their lives through expanded consciousness to book a private retreat with Chess and push through to a whole new level of awakening.”

– Bill



The Power of
Integrative Breathwork

Breathwork is one of the most powerful and transformative modalities that I know.

For a breathwork session to have a deep and lasting impact, it must be held within a larger context of clearly understanding the fundamental dynamics of your complete human/spiritual experience.

What makes my breathwork sessions incredibly powerful is the time that we take to come to a clear understanding of what makes up YOU.

Ego, Soul and Unifying Consciousness.

With this clear map of who you really are (the True Self) and all the ways that your conditioning, programming and egoic stories get in the way of living AS that true self, your Breathwork Journey will be much more clearly navigated, understood and integrated.

This is why my Breathwork sessions are never less than 3 hours in length and typically span at least a half day.

The most powerful and valuable experience you can give yourself is a full or half-day experience.

Our Precious Time Together is Spent:

  • Discovering who you really are and revealing the primary conditioning that limit or restrict your ability to live freely and fully AS your truth.
  • Teaching the breath and how to best surrender to, and navigate, your journey.
  • And then deeply unpacking and integrating your experience so that you have the necessary tools and insights to carry your revelations into the fabric of your life.

Chess Edwards is a self-realization guide, sacred wisdom teacher, breathwork facilitator and meditation instructor who guides people in the awakening of their true nature.

Chess has devoted himself to a path of ultimate freedom, dedicated to the pursuit and embodiment of truth and divine peace.

He is a peacefully awakened guide who will help you discover and embrace your most authentic, vibrant and whole self.

As a teacher and guide, Chess regularly transforms people’s lives in a single 2-hour session.

Imagine being immersed in this powerful and liberating work during a private retreat!

It can truly transform your life.

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