Accumulate Peace for Anytime Access

Jun 16, 2014

I’ve got a gift for you.

Do you ever feel that it would be really nice if you could just slow down and easily get more centered and balanced when dealing with stressful or overwhelming circumstances?

Well, you can. You can access that inner peace and calm whenever you want.

But it takes practice.

Here’s how it works.

We accumulate what we practice.

A practiced gymnast accumulates balance, strength and focus. It takes time and patience.

An accomplished chef accumulates a stunning intuition for flavors, textures and food pairings. It takes time and patience.

An experienced mountain guide accumulates an inner knowing of when the weather is about to change.  It takes………

And so it is with peace and presence.

When we practice peace and stillness through meditation, we accumulate peace and stillness.

Over time, this accumulation of inner peace becomes more and more available to us beyond our meditations.

It becomes readily accessible moment to moment throughout our days and under all of life’s circumstances.

Just as an accomplished tennis player doesn’t have to think twice about “how” to hit that perfect forehand, the power of your inner peace becomes second nature.  It’s just there when you need it.

How handy would that be?

When we quiet the mind
the soul can speak.

So, I have a gift for you.

For many, sitting for 15-20 minutes in meditation is a challenge

As a gift to my subscribers, I’ve created a number of guided meditations that promote the accumulation of inner peace, health and well being.

These guided meditations will make it easier to stay with and deepen your meditative experience.

Breathe deep, let go, enjoy and let the peace within become your guide.


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