Connecting More Deeply with Life Beyond the Self

personal growth video Nov 24, 2015

Everything we do that brings us the most pleasure in life has some element of forgetting about our “self” for awhile.

Dancing, listening to music, reading a good book, painting, meditation…..

We become so immersed in the experience and sensation of the playful and creative moment that the mind is distracted.

It forgets to be concerned about the self. It forgets the oh so serious business of ensuring that the self stays safe, relevant and important.

It is in those moments of forgetfulness and abandon that we feel most free and alive and whole. Connecting far more deeply with the people and the world around us is easier in those moments of forgetting about ourself.

The real issue is that when we’re too inwardly focused on maintaining our own image and the illusory construct of identity, then we aren’t bringing our attention fully to the beauty and opportunity of life unfolding around us.



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