May 02, 2020
I sat in meditation and pointed awareness to a concept of inner peace that my mind had already distorted since my last mediation.
There I sat trying to stitch fragments of uncooperative and fleeing thoughts back together into a reliable truth.
It was like chasing birds resplendent with beauty that are always flying this way and that and fading into the distance.
The mediation turned into an exercise of begging these beautiful thought birds to return and to come to rest, roosted within my mind and not to scatter and fly again, as is the nature of birds and thoughts.
Then I sat in meditation and instead pointed awareness to a practiced embodiment of peace and stillness. I went to a familiar and formless spaciousness that over the years has gradually been revealed. Revealed not in thought, but more as a reliable sensation or presence.
That which was sought was no further away than my breath. I was simply turning attention away from thought and instead pointing it toward the awakened self that is always right here. So close that it is mostly overlooked by the seeking mind.
It’s important to remember that the body and the heart is merely a portal to true peace, not a container. How could the limitations of a body contain the infinite?
We go within to meet the call of the infinite and the imperishable grace of love that transcends all form.
We go within to the experience of embodiment. But we don’t stop when the awareness arrives in the heart. We don’t stop with the experience of peace. We continue beyond the heart to the source of that experience.
We follow the awareness beyond the open portal of the heart and into the vastness of imperishable stillness and peace of infinite love.

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