Emptying the Self to Know Ourself

personal growth video Nov 25, 2015

Emptying ourselves of all thoughts, beliefs, ideas, conclusions and positions is a powerful meditative practice.

Within that practice we can feel more deeply into our true nature, past the illusion of form and ego focused identity.

We put it all down. We empty ourselves entirely. 

Moving beyond all that noise, we may then find clearer access to our true and eternal state of being.

But then the awareness presents itself that we DO have a human form and identity and ego. We DO have beliefs, conclusions and positions.

The practice of emptying ourselves completely within a meditative practice is not meant to have us navigate a world of form without an embodiment of our thoughts, beliefs and ego identity.

The practice of emptying completely simply allows us to come back into a more conscious and balanced relationship with our ego identity
Putting down our identity of form completely allows us to come back into proper relationship with our human form and ego and beliefs with less attachment and with the ability to know ourselves not as only eternal consciousness or only as human form, but as both.

Through the practice of emptying we loosen the grip and hold that our beliefs and our ego centered identity have upon us.

We let go of the rigid and tight attachments to those conditions of form that we have come to believe keep us safe and loved and whole.



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