Forever Arriving in Wholeness

Jan 05, 2021

Always exploring, yet never arrived.

Never arrived, yet always at home.

Always home, yet seeking to know home better.


There is always more growth to be grown into. More of life to be discovered and more of us to be revealed. There will always be new frontiers where we are forever just arriving with so much ahead yet to be explored.

If we were to feel inadequate every time we realized that there are so many more levels or depths of learning that I’ve not yet achieved, we would be forever living in a state of not-enoughness.

There will forever be vast expanses still ahead, where we have not yet arrived.

If one’s proclivity is to always be exploring and expanding beyond the edges of what is known and familiar, then there is often an emotional consequence of feeling never quite satisfied or fulfilled.

While this exploratory way of being can be the fuel for our creativity, liberation and expansion, it typically carries with it a subtle emotional state of feeling “never quite arrived” or “someday I’ll be able to rest when…”.

If this is your way of being, then this innate call to always be exploring and discovering will never abate. So we must learn to trust that we are already very much enough, even in our experience of never quite fully arriving at any destination of completion.

I’m learning to be at rest in my innate wholeness, even in the times of wild expansion.

There will always be plans and dreams and visions yet to be realized. There will always be an expanding horizon to explore.

And there will always be this eternal and imperishable grace of being that is already whole, and yet forever seeking to be further fleshed out and embodied within our humaity.

The seeking is no longer to someday arrive to a state of sought after wholeness where we might finally come to rest.

The seeking in this mortal existence is to flesh out what is already whole. To rest in the knowing of our wholeness while simultaneously seeking to discover more about its nature.

As we spitiually mature, this becomes more of a graceful yearning than an uneasy seeking to be fulfilled.

The yearning is now to keep revealing the vastness of our realized wholeness.


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