Nobody But Us

Jan 11, 2014

Nobody but you can choose your life.

No matter what guidance, inspiration or lessons we may receive from the world around us, all of our growth and liberation comes from within us.

It is always our choice which seeds of wisdom we nurture, care for and love into full maturity. It is always our responsibility whether or not we tend to these seeds of freedom with compassion, self-love, forgiveness, courage and patience.

It’s up to us to take the opportunity to create and maintain both the internal and external environments that promote the growth of healthy beliefs, behaviors and habits.

This magnificent evolution of our soul is a never ending and continuously liberating life journey and nobody is responsible for how it unfolds but us. With each breath we choose the quality and nature of our lives.

Others may guide us, inspire us, teach us and give us the gift of their love. But once given, all their wisdom, love, care and guidance is absolutely and completely in our hands to do with what we will.

Nobody can do our inner work for us.

Nobody but us can make our life choices.  And the choices can be remarkably simple.

For instance, as a simple and yet powerful practice for creating an inner and outer environment of self-love, appreciation and joy, there are always flowers gracing my home.

Take care. Your inner world reflects your outer world. Your outer world reflects your inner world.  And you get to choose the quality of each.



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