Our Masks Fool Only Us

Jul 22, 2014

Our experience in and of the world is a reflection of what we truly believe about ourselves.

The world sees us and experiences us as we believe ourselves to be.

It is not fooled by pretense.  The energy we project out into the world cannot be masked.

Our masks fool only us.

The world around us simply reflects energy. It matches and reflects our own energetic signature of our deepest self perception.

How we perceive ourselves to be at the emotional and energetic level is how we are experienced by others.  Emotion = energy in motion.

It is powerful and immensely valuable work to tease apart the lies that we have believed about ourselves for most of our lives from the liberating truths that begin to emerge when we clear, strengthen and align mind, body and spirit.

We begin to experience, beyond mere conceptualization and as a deeply felt experience, the small ego centered image of self as the illusion that it is and the rich, vast and infinite essence of self as our authentic nature.

When we full embody the true nature of who we are, that truth can then be reflected back to us as a full and vibrant life experience.

We have not been given this precious life journey to simply prove ourselves in the world as the mask wearing ego identity that we have constructed from a lifetime of trying to belong in a mostly spiritually immature society.

The real journey is to return home to our miraculous true nature that needs no mask, so that it may be reflected, celebrated and expanded upon by an infinitely abundant and creative universe.

This inward journey of self realization liberates the truth of that which we already are and always have been; A true nature that is ultimately beyond imagination and description and, if we’re willing to surrender to it, will supply us with a lifetime of precious gifts that we never saw coming.


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