Peace – A Foundation for Wild Creation

Jul 21, 2014

Being at peace does not mean inaction and quietly doing less and less with our lives.

This is a common misunderstanding regarding mediation and other practices that increase one’s knowing of peace.

When a child is feeling peaceful, their natural inclination is to play, to imagine and to create. They leap into life with a natural uninhibited abandon.

When we are not at peace, we limit our expression of creativity and play. We shrink. We become smaller than we truly are.

When we connect to our peaceful center (the absolute truth of who we really are) the limitations of fear, doubt, unworthiness, not-enoughness, etc… dissipate.

When these burdens are seen for what they really are, when we are at peace with them, we can then take massive action and expand in ways that we never have before.

Peace is an activator of wild and creative action.


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