Play Kicks Perfectionism’s Ass

Jul 22, 2014

One of my biggest internal battles…….

Learning that I don’t have to always get it perfectly right if that gets in the way of getting it effectively done.

And it too often does.

Learning the liberation of playful engagement rather than sticking to a perfectionist’s drive is opening up creative opportunities that the perfectionist in me could never imagine. 

Play kicks perfectionism to the curb so that I can get on with my full creative expression.

When the focus is purely on the perfect outcome, my ability to be creative significantly narrows.

 When I approach my creative efforts with an attitude of play, I open up to the full experience which includes the possibilities of failure, imperfection and “wasting time” pursuing initially “wrong” directions.

Playful openness also allows me to risk, maintain forward momentum, achieve follow through and create prolific output.

Try it.  See what happens when you give yourself permission to play with a project rather than doggedly efforting to get it right.  My guess is that you’ll feel a whole lot lighter and more expansive.  And in that space, creativity has a lot more room to play.



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