Reclaiming Your Freedom is a Process

Jan 11, 2014

Patience my loves. Patience.

Reclaiming your freedom is a process.

Even when the chains of habit are cut, the emotional resonance linked to the habit remain. The old beliefs and associated emotions that created the restrictive habit will take some time to wither and fade.

When we stop throwing rocks into the pool of our inner peace, the ripples will take some time to return to stillness.

When the chains that tether a circus elephant to a stake in the ground and have limited its circumference of freedom for years are removed, the elephant will at first remain in the limited circle. After time it begins to trust its new freedom and begins to wander further afield from the old memory of being so limited.

But the chains of habit are strong and the ripples of our old habits spread deep and wide. The resonance of how we used to be is still out there in the world.  Our old energetic signature is still reflecting back to us off of the conditions and relationships in our lives. It is a time delayed effect. Our new way of being is establishing itself in the world. They are old ripples from an old way of being. Be patient. Let them pass.

This reclaiming of your freedom takes time. This is a time of purification. Stay with your practices of self love and care with patience, compassion and forgiveness. Stay aware. Stay present.  It may take awhile for those in your life to recognize and trust the changes that are occurring within you.

Your freedom will return by attending to your purifying practices with diligence, patience and persistence.

The truth of who you really are shall set you free. This truth as a concept or an “understanding” is but a seed. This truth requires patience as it roots and grows and blossoms into a deeply felt knowing.

Any truth that is newly found within your consciousness needs your love, your compassion, your courage and your care.

Patience my loves. Patience.


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