The Freedom of Losing Ourselves

Aug 25, 2015

Consider this…..

Everything we do that brings us the most pleasure in life has some element of forgetting about our “self” for awhile.

Dancing, listening to music, reading a good book, painting, meditation, our favorite sport or exercise, gardening, yoga, losing ourselves in the grandeur of nature, making love, falling in love…..

We become so immersed in the experience and sensation of the playful and creative moment that the mind is distracted. It forgets to be concerned about the self. It forgets the oh so serious business of ensuring that the self stays relevant and important.

It is in those moments of forgetfulness and abandon that we feel most free and alive and whole. 

And then, when we are idle again, the habit of being concerned about the self returns. Our focus returns to questioning how we are doing in the world of success and failure, love and loss, right and wrong, abandonment and belonging.

We remember the illusion of self which brings with it questions of enough ness, worthiness, lovability, safety, etc…..

We feel most alive when we are living, playing, loving and celebrating so wholly in the moment that we forget to attend to the protection and positioning of the self.

We feel most alive in our freedom when we lose ourselves in the moment.

We feel most alive and free when we lose ourselves altogether.


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