The Fundamental Error

Apr 08, 2020

You are not who or what you ‘think’ you are.

Consequently life is not about what you think life is about.

The fundamental error is believing that life is about satisfying the needs of a thought-constructed separate ego self that you are not.

Satisfying this unreliable illusion of self creates an unreliable and ultimately unfulfilling and unsustainable world of illusion.

We’re witnessing the crumbling of that fragile world today.

We have a precious and unprecedented opportunity now to awaken our most divine and substantial nature of being.

We have the opportunity to embrace and embody the true loving consciousness that we are, which exists prior to and beyond any diaphanous story of self that the mind is constantly reconstructing.

We have the opportunity to reshape our lives and the world based on the Imperishable Truths of Love, Unity and the Divine Nature of One Consciousness.


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