The Metaphor of Self

Sep 03, 2014

One of the most powerful tools that I use, for myself and with my clients, to bring ourselves powerfully present to the moment, is The Metaphor of Self.

The Metaphor of Self is an image or representation of self that has a strong resonance that you can embody, that you can feel and that you can return to with ease when you need to bring yourself back to presence.

For example, for the past 2 years my Metaphor of Self has been, ‘The Wide Open Ocean’. I bring myself to the awareness and feeling of ‘Wide Open Ocean’. For me, that has a certain felt quality to it that helps me return to presence, aliveness and alignment with my true nature.

 Typically a Metaphor of Self statement starts with “I Am” and is often followed by a statement of purpose. As a coach, mine has been “I am the wide open ocean holding space for the emergence of authentic voice.”
The value of having a Metaphor of Self is that it is an image that has a strong feeling attached to it and it is easier to return to a feeling state than it is to simply remember an intellectual concept of “I am”.

So, before I meet with a client, give a presentation, enter into a stressful situation or find myself spinning out into reactive behaviors – I take a moment and I embody ‘Wide Open Ocean.’ I even have a body posture that I adopt when recalling this strong sense of self. Then I enter the situation fully embodying ‘Wide Open Ocean.’

Recently my Metaphor of Self has begun to shift as my knowing of self deepens. I am aligning around a new image that carries with it a new sensation. I’ll let you know when that is fully formed.

What might your “Metaphor of Self” be?

“I am………?”

Pure light, redwood, flowing river, fresh breeze, mountain, spark, mighty bear, eternal spring….?

This may take some time to find.  Just keep asking the question of yourself and then be patient as the answer comes.  It may start as one thing and then morph into another.  Just like a good conversation, it can sometimes take a little bit to really get into the heart of it.



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