The Presence of Peace

Apr 16, 2020
How do I find peace within the disturbances moving around me and within me?
You don’t.
The disturbances are moving within the presence of undisturbed peace.
Peace does not return when the disturbances are ultimately controlled, stilled or vanquished. This is an impossibility.
The peace is never not present. It does not come and go.
Storms come and go within the embrace of the undisturbed sky.
Waves rage upon the surface of the deep and abiding ocean.
The drama, comedy or horror part of the movie plays upon the pure and undisturbed screen.
The transient movement of mind, emotion and body appear and disappear within the undisturbed peace of pure awareness.
All movement appears within a great stillness.
We are more identified with the transient and unstable disturbances and joys of mind and form than we are with the imperishable peace of conscious within which everything comes and goes, arises and passes, is born and dies.
We are distracted by the movement of form and thought which blinds us to the formless stillness of Being.
We needn’t deny the storms, waves, projections, thoughts, emotions and sensations of this life….
The error is in the denial of the imperishable peace.
In the denial of the imperishable peace, we have nowhere reliable to rest while we may graciously witness all the disturbances moving within us and around us.

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