The Time is Ripe For Finding True Freedom

Jul 03, 2020

It’s clear we are living in an evolutionary time of major social and geo/political change. Most of us are also acutely aware that this time of change is stirring up powerful emotions, feelings, energies and conditioned behavioral reactions.

Basically, everything is undergoing significant and profound transformation, including our own personal and spiritual evolution.

Anyone who is actively engaged in their personal and spiritual development knows the best time to work on our “stuff” is when our world and our lives are really stirred up.

This moment qualifies as a rare and ripe opportunity.

In my work, people typically come to me not when all is well.

People come when their lives are turned upside down and inside out. This is when they are raw, open and vulnerable. This is when they can most readily identify the presence of their deep conditioning and subversive behavioral patterns. This is when the ego is shaken and perhaps more willing to surrender and give over to something bigger.

What’s Blocking Us?

Oftentimes, people don’t really know what is at the root of their suffering, confusion, overwhelm and angst. Subsequently, they don’t always know what support they need.

They do, however, have a good idea of what they want.

They want freedom from their ill-behaved mind. They want to live with more peace, love, joy, clarity and confidence.

So, what is blocking the experience of these desired states of being?

What most people don’t realize is their self-identification is mixed up with their thoughts, beliefs, conditioning, programming and egoic story. And that’s a problem.

They have identified with a story of self that’s been constructed in their own minds. And even if they understand that, they mistakenly believe that rewriting a better story is going to solve the problem.

Any story of self that is constructed and maintained in the mind, will never stabilize.

When we are disconnected from our eternal spiritual nature, we will feel not enough. We will feel an emptiness that cannot be filled in any other way than by awakening the true grace of our BEing.

Imagine if you could live in a more stabilized and consistent state of grace, peace, love and confident presence. One not as a result of better thoughts, but an awakened and embodied experience of what you really are.

Now more than ever, in these times of great challenge and transformation, when we have this precious opportunity to reshape the world, we need people who can live and act more from love and less from their wounded story. We need people who can reshape a world not meant to satisfy the separate personal egoic identity, but meant to reflect and celebrate the infinite grace of divine consciousness itself.

If we are to make the most of this revolutionary time of transformation and usher in the awakening of loving consciousness, we each will be called to awaken from our egoic identity and discover the awesome wholeness of our true divine grace.

We are not our separate minds and constructed egos. These are but temporary experiences arising and passing within the imperishable awareness of consciousness. We are each a precious and divine modulation or expression of One Love. Our convincing dream of self is veiling the knowing of our true nature.

The Muddy Water Has Been Stirred

To make this evolutionary leap into an awakened unified consciousness, we must take full advantage of this rare opportunity to spiritually awaken while we are so powerfully experiencing the effects of our personal egoic disturbances.

We can liken this work to clearing a jar of muddy water. Before pouring the muddy water out of a container, it must first be stirred up. If the mud is settled and undisturbed at the bottom of the jar, it won’t be available to clear.

Well, the stirring up has certainly been done! Now let’s start pouring in the pure love that will dilute the cloudiness of mind appearing as division, shame, guilt, self-deprecation, fear, smallness and separation.

The dawn of a new era is upon us. While everything is stirred up, now is the time to do our work and meet our entrenched judgements and shadows. Now is the time for devotion and dedication. Now is the time to discover and embody our deepest and truest nature of being, which is loving awareness.

It’s time for an evolutionary leap. It’s time for bold Self Realization. It’s time to empty the old stories. It’s time to surrender the predominant position of the egoic identity. It’s time for the egoic mind to humble itself in service to the wisdom and leadership of the heart. It’s time to realize our highest consciousness.

It’s Time to Discover Freedom

Freedom is not someday, somewhere down the road. We are already free and whole. The present opportunity is to discover that freedom, beyond the noise and distraction of the “you” you’ve built in the mind.

One common fallacy tends to dissuade people from doing this work. Most people feel that in order to be truly free and at peace, they must first vanquish all their shadows and troublesome conditioning. They believe they must first rid themselves of all the limiting beliefs that make up their false self-image. Only then, will they finally be free and at peace. 

They believe their freedom lies on the other side of what is typically a daunting tangle of emotional and mental confusion and distress. With this belief in place, it can feel near impossible to imagine ever truly being free.

But authentic peace and grace is not found in some distant destination where we may one day arrive. Our authentic Self is of course what we already are and have always been. Most of us simply have never accessed this true Self because we are so thoroughly occupied with the alluring egoic construct of self.

The Work

In my practice, I work with people one-on-one to help them realize a clear and powerful separation between their truth and their story.  Standing in awakened clarity between truth and illusion, they can more readily choose to abide their truth and stop believing their story.

This is transformational work, where we quickly and powerfully move beyond the tangle of your egoic limitations so that you discover your true self, already free, whole and at peace. Not to ignore your wounding and conditioning. That would be spiritual bypass. Instead, I help you discover your stability of grace, so that you have a knowing of your truth. From this stability, you can then meet your wounding and conditioning with love. So that you may heal it and let it go while rested in the powerful knowing of your true Self.

This work is remarkably powerful and liberating. It is rare for someone to walk away from an initial session with me without expressing some version of stunned amazement about how they could have gone so long in life without being introduced to these fundamental and transformational truths.

It is important to know that I teach and guide directly from my own experience. What was 50+ years of relentless anxiety, fear and uncertainty has blessedly become a life of ever-deepening and sustained peace and love.

This deep and sustained presence of peace is not a peace that comes from having more peaceful thoughts. Is is an awakened and embodied peace that is the very nature of consciousness itself. In other words, in this work, we don’t think peace. We move beyond all discord of thought and into the eternal and imperishable peace already there.

If we are to know a world of peace, compassion, love, intimacy and connection then we must first discover that we already are the very peace, compassion, love intimacy and connection that we’re seeking.

That is the opportunity within this work. It may seem a grandiose claim to say that anyone could help guide you to your ultimate truth. But after years of dedication and devotion, honing this work with many hundreds of clients and students and thousands of hours of sessions, I can confidently say that the processes, meditations, models, pointings, focused inquiries and teachings that are the core of this work do effectively and rapidly transform lives.

Now is the time for you! Now is the time for us! Now is the time for a revolution of unity consciousness.


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