Emotional Vocabulary Builder

Download this powerful and valuable tool for building your emotional fluency and literacy. Why is this important?

Our deficit of Emotional Awareness and Emotional Fluency makes it much more difficult to truly understand and honestly engage with ourselves, others and the world in which we live.

Having a limited emotional vocabulary diminishes our potential for enjoying more rich and intimate connections.

The inability to effectively name and communicate our emotional state is one of the most prevelant and disempowering issues with which most of my clients and students struggle. This deficit of emotional literacy is also a significant contributor to trust and intimacy issues within relationships.

When we don’t have access to a more rich fluency and honesty of feeling words, it’s much more challenging to accurately track our complex emotional world and more difficult to invite others into our reality.

The issue is twofold:

1 – We’re not practiced in how to check in with how we and others are truly feeling.

2 – We’re not all that emotionally fluent in describing our experience to ourselves and others.

Using this simple but powerful tool will help you to be more intimately connected with yourself, with those you care about and with the world in which you live!

Building emotional fluency will create more comfort and familiarity with your own rich emotional world while also creating more trust and intimacy with those you love.