Invite Chess to Speak at Your Event.

Beyond The Noise Retreats, Workshops and Satsang. Brought locally right to your community.


Invite Chess travel to your community to share the deep peace, love and inspiration of awakened consciousness.

Often my clients and students want to share the transformational opportunities of these teachings with their friends, family and community.

It is a true joy to travel to different parts of the country and the world to share this the power of this love within communities.

One obvious advantage is that many people can gain access to this work with minimal financial commitment. A group of friends or community members share the cost of bringing these teachings to your local event.

Individuals can also book private sessions with me during the retreat.

These intimate and empowering gatherings can be hosted at a private home or at a local venue.

Together we create an experience that unfolds within a morning session, an evening session, a full day event, a half day event or even a 2 day event.

Special benefits and opportunities are available for the organizers of these events.

“I could never have imagined just how powerfully transformative the experience with Chess would be…

– How resonant, liberating and empowering it would feel.”

Satsang Retreat Participant

“Our greatest rewards
will always be found on the other side
of our greatest challenges.”

~ Chess Edwards

Invite Chess to Speak at Your Event.

Do you have a conference or event that is devoted to health and well being?

Chess’ presentations have been applauded as a closing speaker, keynote or the kick off for major corporate functions. Whether it be for students or the top tiers of a major International companies, Chess delivers his programs with the same level of passion and commitment to excellence.

Chess speaks on such topics as Vital and Vibrant Living, The Power of Stillness, The Art of Attention and Mindfulness at Work and Play.

Invite Chess to Come Share With Your Community.

“When you realize that you already are the very peace & aliveness that you seek, all restless seeking ends.”

~ Chess Edwards