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the True Freedom and
Deep Inner Peace
that you've always wanted...
In a way that actually sticks, grows and Transforms 
your life!

It's time to awaken
your true
Peace, Power and Potential.

The Oasis Conscious Community
is currently closed for new memberships. 

I open the community to new members 4 times a year.

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The Oasis provides a single nourishing space where you can consistently engage in the crucial conversations and explorations that awaken true peace and freedom!

LIVE Mentorship Calls With Chess

This is where you'll find the real juicy and vibrant aliveness of the program. You'll have LIVE access to myself and other members as you join in the conversations and studies that are central to Awakening your ultimate freedom and peace.

I want to make it super easy for you to have access to me. These 90 minute calls give you the opportunity to engage directly with me and the community. Calls will be announced ahead of time and will occur within the Zoom platform.

It is in these direct and real time conversations that so much deep learning and understanding occurs.

If you can't make a LIVE Call, no worries. Each call will be recorded and uploaded to The Oasis to create and growing catalog of support and guidance.

Inspired and Supportive Community

Living with more conscious awareness and devotion has its own language and way of perceiving that takes a while to learn and that many people in your life may not understand.

A powerful component of The Oasis is a beautiful community of like minded and spiritually aligned souls who are all learning to navigate life with more love, awareness, honesty, trust, compassion and courage.

The community forums found within The Oasis are alive with inspiration, care, encouragement, compassion and wisdom. They are where you can both give and receive valuable support.

Imagine Facebook, but here it is 100% dedicated to living awake, aware and courageously alive! Plus it is free of all of the other distracting nonsense and noise!

Monthly Masterclass Lessons

Each month I will be uploading pre-recorded Masterclass Lessons relating to both personal and spiritual awareness and development.

These classes are always inspired by the real-time experiences that are unfolding in my own life and those that are present for my private clients.

In these Masterclass recordings, I'll provide a deep dive into the nuances and subtleties of Personal Development, Spiritual Awakening and all the ways that we can bring more conscious attention to this precious journey of life!

Quick Inspirations

Often inspirations or insights come while out on the trail or otherwise enjoying nature. Other times a clear "download" comes while in meditation. "I'm pretty much always contemplating the nature of reality and exploring how it plays out in every day life."

These quick inspirations are recorded "From the Trail" and "From the Cushion" and are typically 10 minutes or less. So, they're easily digestible insights and shared perspectives that are meant to stimulate a bit of contemplation and further self exploration for you.

Bonus Library of Master Teacher Lessons

I am consistently studying the guidance and insights of a handful of amazing teachers who have shaped my path of discovery.

When I come across a particularly insightful, inspiring and beneficial teaching, I share it here!

This component of The Oasis provides a growing and curated collection of some of the richest and most beautiful teachings that have had a tremendous impact in my own journey of awakening and personal development.

Online Breathwork Journeys

Breathwork is one of the most powerful modalities I use to help drop people out of their heads and into their hearts while simultaneously connecting with their highest consciousness and wisdom.

It is not at all uncommon to hear my breathwork students say that their single 1-hour session was one of the most powerful and transformative experiences of their lives.

Online virtual breathwork sessions will be offered periodically to the entire Oasis Membership!

To be the first to know when
the community re-opens,
simply sign up here.

(and receive a few free gratitude goodies today)